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Addimús for Oshún Kolé, the Orisha who embodies the tinea

Oshun Kole

Oshun Kole She is a very peculiar saint, she enjoys great virtues attributed to her by Olofin. She is a warrior Orisha, although her main function is to transmit messages from the Almighty to men and other Orishas.

Among the prohibitions of this saint are the use by her children of fringed garments and in some cases of oval prints.

Who is Oshún Kolé?

Oshún Kolé is one of the roads of the Orisha Oshun. Her name means "the one who collects the dust". This deity is closely related to the tiñosa, an animal that she personifies when she wishes to transport a message to earth.

For this reason, the religious people cross their arms to this animal as a symbol of respect and devotion.

Powers attributed to this deity

Kolé is a holy protector of the home, she seeks the unity of the family and the harmony of the home. It rules over marriages and their offspring. Another of his missions is related to the protection of the homeless.

The attributes of the Oshún Ibu Kolé

This saint is represented by a doll that lives next to her receptacle. He is credited with five ringworm feathers, five mirrors, and five mortar objects that he uses to create his magic powders.

She is a presumed deity so she is offered combs and fragrances, she is offered spears and a trident, objects that she uses as tools when war looms.

This saint's dress is white

Some Patakis report that this saint manifests as a poor and dusty woman, various religious affirm that the dress that this Orisha wears is white, since it lost its color from being washed so much.

Other stories reveal her before the eyes of mortals as a queen covered in gold and riches, with exuberant physical features and incomparable beauty.

Addimús for the deity that personifies the tinea

Oshún Kolé is slaughtered with the goat, the white chickens, the black pigeons and the guinea fowl.

As every queen likes crowns, Ibu Kolé is entertained by making a crown with tiñosa feathers, the same material with which the mystical fan worn by the saint is made.

It can be venerated through the canistel, this fruit is considered the favorite of the queen of honey, it is placed in a number of 5 because this is its representative digit.

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