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Oshún Ololodí, the warrior goddess and the Virgin of Guadalupe

oshun ololodi

Oshun Ololodi u olodí it is one of the 38 paths of this deity.

Ololodi is the wife of orunmila, Yoruba deity whose name means "revolutionary." It is said that she should not be taken lightly, for her anger is famous and can never be destroyed by her enemies.

The fighting spirit that characterizes this deity has high value and significance, always present among its devotees. Hundreds of prayers are also dedicated to her, crying out for her help in the face of need and problems.

And it is that this deity is a staunch defender of her children and of all those people who venerate her. Also known as oshun olodiShe likes to fight with irons and machetes and is the owner of the dams.

To call it, a cowbell and a machete are used and a bronze or porcelain horse, silk scarves and Ochinchin of lettuce and bitter broom are put on it.

It is said that it lives on top of the Ifá board, with sifted sea sand or river sand. Her symbol is the owl and her necklace has mother-of-pearl, aqua-green, coral and 5 ivory beads.

Oshún Ololodí the defender and revolutionary:

A Oshun Olodi goat and deer are offered to him in ceremonies and rites, and he is prayed for the defense of ideals and for the strength to move forward and overcome problems.

In his image, he has a crown from which a house hangs, a double-edged ax, an Oshosi arrow, two small and two large oars, 25 rings, two Ifa boards, two simple axes, a machete and 5 feathers of parrot.

Because of her warrior-like appearance, she is said to have four train spikes attached to her to quell her anxieties about going into battle.

Syncretism, the Virgin of Guadalupe

In Catholicism, Oshun Olodi it is syncretized with the Virgin of Guadalupe, since it is said that both are warrior deities and defenders of just causes.

Legend has it that the Virgin of Guadalupe was of superhuman beauty, and wore a dress shining like the sun. She is a representation of the Virgin Mary.

And Pope Pius .

For this reason, the Virgin is venerated in all parts of the American continent, mainly in Mexico. There great devotion is dedicated to him and there is talk of extraordinary miracles granted by the deity to those who put their faith in his image.

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