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Three suitors for Oshún The Queen makes ebbó and recovers what was lost!

oshun pataki

The pataki relates that Oshún and his older sister Yemayá They had had a misunderstanding, as a result of this the owner of the honey decided to become independent and form her kingdom away from the tutelage of her sister and wherever she passed a river was born.

Pataki where Oshún reaches prosperity thanks to 3 Ebbó

On a certain occasion it came to their domains Inle, with whom she was madly in love, soon after they married and from this union her first-born son was born.

On a certain occasion, Oshún realized that her husband no longer loved her and after their separation she began to suffer misery.

Shango Seeing her sad and unkempt, he advised her to go visit orula so that the great fortune teller of Ifá could help him to compose his destiny.

After Shango's proposal, she refused because she only had one dress, which was yellow and worn, but despite her justifications, Shango insisted until she was convinced to attend the foot of Ifá because the solution to her problems was found there.

Oshún consults with the fortune teller Orula to ask for help

When Oshún arrived at Orula's house, he registered her marking the accomplishment of three ebbós that would give her the economic position that she needed to give her son a better future.

Once the first ebbo had been carried out, Orula told him that he should leave it at the door of a castle and then leave without looking back or being scared by what happened there.

Following his recommendations, Oshún left with the ebbó towards its destination.

When they arrived at the castle, three brothers looked out and when they saw Oshún they were very in love with the saint, so two of them began to fight until one fell to the ground lifeless, Oshún, horrified by what had happened, left without turning her eyes .

The Orisha arrived scared at Orula's house, he reassured her and told her that she should return to the same place carrying the second ebbó.

Ifá's advice: Each person has a destiny to fulfill!

On the way to the castle, Oshún was not convinced of wanting to reach her destination, but she thought about her son and the miseries that they both went through, so she continued on her way until placing the second job at the castle door.

Suddenly the two brothers who lived there came out to meet him and fought a duel for the heart of Oshún, before the second lost, the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon ran out of the place.

Upon arriving in front of Orula, Oshún was very nervous and continued to hesitate to complete the work because she did not want anyone to be harmed because of her.

Furthermore, the Ifá oracle explained to her that each person had a destiny to fulfill and that she should continue in the search for hers. 

So he left for the castle with the third ebbó, leaving him at the door of the palace the third brother came out and said to the saint:

Fear not, for your love they have mortally wounded me and from today I want you to be the heir to all my assets and fortunes and that is how Oshún became rich and abandoned a past of misery.

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