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What does Oshun want for her children? Yalorde Tips

Oshun her children

According to popular jargon, Oshun's daughters are born to be long-suffering women, But How much truth is there really in this statement?

I think that between the virtues of the descendants of Yalorde There is unconditional dedication to loved ones and for this reason they tend to suffer disappointments, by giving their hearts to those who do not deserve it.

The truth is that these women who are generally sinful of trusting are all heart and they show it daily with their actions, you will rarely see them angry for no reason, because among their virtues is joy.

How does Oshun protect her children?

Oshun covers her children with her mantle to protect them from illness and death, but she does not exonerate them from the trials of life because the saint affirms that through these they will be able to forge their character.

One of the premises that Yalodde wishes for her children is independence in all senses of the word, because when they become dependent, they live in osogbo, they must obtain their own income and not be sentimentally manipulated by anyone.

Some of the qualities of the descendants of Yalorde:

The children of the Patron Saint of Cuba are so sweet that they disgust themselves, on days when the honey overflows more than necessary, do not mess with them if you do not want to hear the truth in your face.

Oshun is a selective Orisha and she is not impressed with anything, a trait that her children inherited to the letter, since they like fine things.

You cannot dazzle a son of Yalorde with mediocrities, yes, when the situation gets difficult, they settle for any present as long as it comes from the heart, because they are aware that what really matters is the action and not its content.

Advice to the sons of Yalodde to overcome

The metal that iré provides to the children of Oshun is gold and the ColoThe one that favors them is yellow, when they want to overcome adversity, they wear this color and their problems are solved.

When the religious needs to break the barriers that come your way:

  • Visit the river with five sunflowers and a little honey from bees,
  • sits down to talk with his mother, tells her his worries and
  • He asks for your blessing.

Intelligence was the virtue that allowed Oshún to use beauty in her favor

It is important to mention that the weapon that made Oshun win all the wars was not beauty, as many presume, but the intelligence with which she knew how to handle this gift in her favor, a teaching that cannot be forgotten from this moment on.

Oshun wants her children to:

  • Become more intelligent so that you can live many more years on the earth plane in iré and not in osogbo.
  • This asks them to move away from vanity and concentrate on evolving as human beings, leaving aside superficiality.  

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