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Prayer to the Virgin of Charity and Oshun to do justice in this life

Oshun Virgin of Charity

We are going to pray to Cachita and to the Basilica of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Oshun the yoruba orisha, the protectors of the people, those who merge into one of the most powerful and popular cults in Cuba.

Located in El Cobre, a municipality in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, on the promontory of Santiago del Prado, the immense church has three naves, with a symmetrical main façade and at its entrance many stop, kneel and cross themselves.

Arriving from different territories of the nation, the devotees go to El Cobre and look for the Patron Saint of Cuba.

Sunflowers, candles and all kinds of offerings accompany them.añan, each of which occupies a space in the Church.

Thus they thank the deities for their spiritual comfort, their blessings and ask them not to forsake them.

There in the Cobre sanctuary, proclaimed as a Basilica on December 22, 1907 by Paul VI, you can witness the immense faith of the Cuban people.

How to pray to the Virgin and the Orisha?

The Orisha Oshún, goddess of love, money and rivers and Yoruba syncretism of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, is prayed to and asked for her blessings.

His deity not only helps us in love or economic problems, he also protects us, guides us and comforts us.

Oshun is extremely strict and has an enormous sense of justice, which is why many pray to her if they have been victims of injustice, so that the saint will help them find peace.

Let us remember that Oshun and Caridad del Cobre should be prayed to:

  • With respect and great faith,
  • without deceit or hypocrisy,
  • making our intentions clear and always demonstrating our trust in the deities.

Tips on begging the deities for help:

Before praying to these beautiful goddesses, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a quiet place, it can be in your home or near the fresh waters of the rivers, where habitan the deities.
  • If you can light a white or yellow candle in her name, you can give her 5 sunflowers or yellow flowers as an offering.
  • If you have a river nearby while saying this prayer, pour a little honey over its waters.
  • Do not forget that the most important thing is your faith, if you have a picture or representation of the Virgin, take it with you while praying this powerful prayer that cries out for justice.

We pray to ask Oshún and Charity that justice be done

Blessed Virgin, my Charity of Copper, you who protect your children and protect them from all evil

My Oshun, beautiful and powerful, my mother, you who do not allow the shadows to stalk me

Today I come to ask you to clear my path and guide my steps, so that I can find a way out of this situation in which I find myself.

My saint, make justice be served in my case. I have full confidence that you will help me to give an adequate solution to my problem

Untie all the knots and traps of the enemy and keep injustice away from me and my family

I know that you will be able to bring us the peace, union and concord that we deserve after so many anguishes and tribulations.

Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, Mother of all Cubans, strengthen us, teach us to live in peace, show us the path of love, forgiveness and reconciliation

So be it, Mother, Amen

Get to know some of the most beautiful offerings to Oshun:

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