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Pataki: The secrets of the honey of the Orisha Oshún and Babalú Ayé

Oshún and Babalú Ayé

When the world lived in endless celebration, Babalu Aye he found himself from door to door celebrating with everyone, not caring about anything other than having unbridled fun.

Constitution Upon realizing this situation, he imposed as a rule that on Thursday he should rest and that he could not violate this rule regardless of the circumstance that arose at his destination, but he did not pay much attention to Olofin's words, returning to resume his life from disorganized way.

Babalú Ayé ignores Olofin's mandate and is punished

When Babalú Ayé arrived on Thursday he celebrated, shared a bed with a woman and drank until he fell into a deep sleep.

When the sun illuminated the sky, Babalú Ayé's eyes did not believe what he was observing, because his body was full of ulcerated lesions, which had been the materialization of the punishment that Olofin had sent him from the kingdom of heaven, in reward to his unbridled and disobedient behavior at his command to respect Thursday.

Orula's advice and Oshún's honey

Babalú Ayé was disturbed by her physical appearance and asked orula the great Ifá fortune teller who would help him solve such a painful situation, he recommended that he visit the Orisha Oshun because this one with its honey could help him.

The queen of sweetness provided Babalú Ayé with her golden nectar and he undertook a long way to the palace of Olofin.

Once there, he began to spill the honey of the deity everywhere, Olofin was surprised by the soft aroma of the sweet substance, the father asked the Orisha whose honey was it, to which he replied that he did not know its origin.

The search for the mistress of honey

Olofin sent for all the women on earth in order to find among them the owner of honey, but he could not find the owner of such exquisite nectar among them.

In a moment of calm, she realized that Oshún was missing because she was being interrogated and ordered that they bring her to meet him, when talking with Olofin, he discovered that the honey belonged to this saint.

Then he asked the owner of the honey to provide him with such delicious nectar, Oshún replied that he would give it to him if he returned his original physical appearance to Babalú Ayé, a need to which the Supreme Orisha agreed on the condition that Babalú redirect his life on the right track.

Thanks to the magical honey of Oshún Babalú Ayé recovered his original appearance and found his purpose in life, which was related to providing help to the underprivileged.  

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