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History of War and Love between the Goddess Oshún and the Warrior Kawó Silé

Oshún and Chango

The love story between Monkey y Oshun It is one of the most controversial legends within the Yoruba Pantheon.

Like any romantic epic, it is summarized in various vicissitudes of destiny where there was a deep feeling at the same time that conflicts and rivalries were unleashed between the other Orishas and clearly between their protagonists.

Pataki of the Kind Oshún and her husband Chango

Oshún and his goodness

In the land of Akore there were times of great misery, basic needs such as food and the necessary tools to survive became very difficult to obtain, a fact that arose in the desperation and discontent of the people.abitabefore the region.

Lost among so many shortages, the inhabitants of Akore had lost even faith in religion, so they were completely unaware of the Orishas.

Oshún shows his kindness towards the people

The beautiful Oshún He realized what was happening and the precariousness that the town was going through and decided to spread his mantle over them in order to help them so that the locals could go through the crisis that hit them so hard.

With his protective faith, he led the people of Akore to believe in religion again and with this the situation that was previously totally untenable was gradually giving way, leading to certain improvements.

Chango finds out about the betrayal that was being woven behind his back

The help that Oshún gave to the territory withered by poverty was in absolute secret and behind the back of her then husband Kawó Silé, who was not happy about such betrayal.

When he realized that there was progress in Akore, the owner of the Bata Drums went into a rage, since the precariousness his people went through had been the product of a punishment that Chango himself had applied years before.

As a result of the great affront that his wife had committed, he decided to declare war on him and left for that region in order to take justice with his own hands.

Olofin decrees a truce between Oshún and Chango

Upon reaching Akore, he began to execute each of its inhabitants, Oshún, observing such acts, went before Constitution to appease her husband's anger by ending such an absurd war.

Olofin immediately took sides and called Oshún and Chango in order to settle accounts.

The holy owner of the honey of bees congratulated her and was pleased with the selfless help that she had given to the homeless, especially for the charitable work that she had developed with children and pregnant women.

While Kawó Silé could not say the same, exclaiming great disgust and disappointment for what as a punishment he prohibited from that day that no son of Chango could touch the descendants of Oshún or vice versa, in the Osha ceremonies as a measure of truce. between both deities.

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