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Oshún, the lady of money and prosperity ≫ Pataki del Owó

Oshún and money

Oshun, the most beautiful of the Yoruba pantheon, is the Goddess of Love and Rivers, and is in the group of leading Oshas for her great powers that she uses to protect her devotees.

She represents the intensity of feelings and the joy of life, spirituality, human sensuality, femininity and everything that is associated with love, delicacy, tenderness, sweetness and also symbolizes material prosperity.

Her natural forces are represented by the rivers and by their clear water flows, and her image as a goddess is always that of a beautiful woman, happy and smiling on the outside, but plagued by deep sorrows.

It can also become severe, as it symbolizes the religious rigor and relentless punishment of the Yoruba pantheon. Its name comes from Yoruba Osun and it is said that it was she who requested the intervention of women in the council of the Orishas.

Oshún is closely related to jewelry, money and body adornments, and for this reason she wears yellow and gold. And it is that according to the Yoruba legend once he lost his entire kingdom and his sister Yemayá gave him the wealth of the seas, in addition, other Patakíes show their connection with abundance and prosperity.

Pataki: The Owó (money) from Oshún

One fine day, the beautiful goddess of love, Oshún wanted to know how things were going in the world and began a tour of the entire Earth, learning about the joys and sorrows of human beings and taking an interest in it as a good queen.

He noted, above all, that there was great poverty everywhere and great social difference. While some had a lot of money, others were starving.

Oshún wanted to do something to change this critical situation and, feeling sorry for the poor, the goddess's heart was filled with pity and she began to give money to those she met.

By mandate of Olofin, Oshún is the owner of the owó

The poor, happy to alleviate their misery, entrusted themselves to Oshún and acclaimed her, and as they were favored by the money she had given them, they went to the market to buy clothes and food.

But the merchants who knew about those poor people, distrusted that money, miraculously appeared, and went to complain to the God Olofin.

Olofin was enraged at the envy and avarice of those men and, without thinking, ordered, with all severity, that the Oshún coin be the only valid coin on earth.

That is why in the Yoruba religion Oshún is the owner of the owó (money) and is adorned with copper coins.

We pray to her when we find ourselves in a bad economic situation so that she listens to us and helps us.

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