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Do you know why Oshun cursed the Ekutes "mice"?

Oshún and the mice

In times when Oshun y Oggun They lived in the middle of the mountain and had established a law of strict compliance on the land of Adifiri.

This consisted in that no citizen of this land could leave their region.

So that in this way they would not introduce the epidemics that hit other peoples inside their homes, this being the only way to keep them all safe and sound.

Pataki where Oshún and Oggún take the disease and the epidemic away from the town

Oggún and Oshún sustained themselves by hunting in the mountains, both Orishas trapped their prey and stored them in the roots of the trees that adjoined the Adifiri people.

As time went by, these were becoming corrupted and the bad smell flooded the place.

Reason why they were forced to gradually move from place to place without having a fixed place to settle.

Among so many places to settle, Oggún unconsciously chose to do so on a nest of mice.

Then, when depositing their hunted prey, the rodents contaminated them and later crossed the walls of the city, spreading many infectious diseases everywhere.

Without any citizen understanding the reason for his ailment, as no one left his town being incapable of this form of contamination.

The goddess Oshún falls ill and discovers the ekutes

Oshún, who had also been a victim of the disease caused by the mouse, was in very bad condition and after a night of discomfort he discovered the mice, named in the Yoruba dialect ekutes, feeding on their food reserves.

Discovering once and for all the source of infection, this almost without making a sound called Oggún to see the rodents contaminating their food.

Since then, without the mouse knowing it, the Orishas sent a notice to the town so that in all the houses they put mousetraps and thus completely exterminate the plague.

A great punishment for the mice by order of Oshún

When the ekutes were captured in the mousetraps Oshún cursed them, condemning them to unwind among the pestilences and corrupted elements.

Making them carry the curse of carrying epidemics and unhealthiness to all places where they occur.

A fact to which was added the contempt of human beings and animals who from that day would repudiate and besiege them to kill them.

So from that day on the mice were forced to live in burrows and hide from humans, leaving their caves mainly at night.

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