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Oshún's Betrayal of Ogún With the Ebbó the Liar is discovered!

Oshún and Ogún

In Ika Iwori Oshun she was married to Ogun.

This split every mañaNas to work staying the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon in the company of the quail, who was her accomplice and her best friend.

Pataki from Ika Iwori where Oshún betrayed Ogún with the help of the quail

One afternoon when Oggún returned from work, he asked his wife who had been in the house, since he had found the house disorderly, especially the room, to which she replied with a denial.

Oggun, who was a very distrustful man, began to assume that Oshun deceived him.añafather.

What he did not suspect was that when he left for work the quail would watch over him so that in this way Oshún could have fun.

After a week Oggún noticed disorder in the house again, but said nothing.

to the mañana following went to visit orunmila so that the great fortune teller could help him solve his doubts.

Ogún discovers his beloved with the help of the fortune teller Orula

This registered him warning him that there was a person who deceived himañaba and that the only way to unmask her was through an ebbo.

The oracle told Oggún to pray with some herbs and bring a dog to his door, and so did the Orisha, the owner of the iron.

Orula told Oggún that he had to spend time with the dog so that it could adapt to him and after a week the work was complete.

Oggún left Orunmila's house with the puppy, on the way home they ran and played.

The quail, who was watching Oggún's arrival, saw a dog on the path, suddenly it seemed to be observing Oggún, but then he crouched down to caress the dog, camouflaging himself with him.

The ebbó unmasks lies and deception

In this way Oggún and the dog were approaching the house where Oshún was staying with his lover.

In that uncertainty of not knowing if the one approaching the house was Oggún or a dog, the quail was surprised by both.

This when knowing that he had not been able to warn Oshún of the events, he flew away and never returned.

When Oggún entered the house, he surprised Oshún with his lover, before he could do something they both escaped through the window, fleeing towards the mountain.

In this way the Orisha, owner of the iron, discovered that his wife cheated on him.añaba, putting an end to their love relationship, but with the certainty of having been able to put an end to his deception.

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