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Pataki ≫ Oshún cheated death out of love for Kawó Silé Shango

Oshún and Shango

There is an old proverb that expresses between flowers and loves the world is made, a reality that is not far from the vicissitudes where the Orishas are protagonists.

Oshún the most beautiful OrishaHe lived many loves in his passage through the land, but none was as beautiful and intense as the one he felt for Kawó Silé, the man in the guayabera.

This passion was so unbridled that the deity was able to face important supernatural forces with the sole purpose of conquering the heart of Shango, making great sacrifices, the most important of which involved his own earthly existence.

Oyá and the pact with death Ikú

This story should begin by explaining that Shango was romantically related to Oyá the queen of the dead and after a painful rupture the saint went to her death in order to propose a pact that she would regret for her entire life.

Oyá He promised Ikú that he would provide her with food as long as she stayed at the door of her ile to thus prevent Shangó from leaving the dwelling.

Very soon the rumors of the captivity of Kawó Silé spread through all the homes of the Orishas reaching the ears of Oshún.

The goddess Oshún makes ebbó on the advice of Orula

She did not hesitate to try to find a solution to help her beloved, so she went to Orunmila's house, the great Oracle of Ifá in order to help her in solving this need.

The wise Orula helped Oshun and marked him to perform ebbo to be victorious in the task he was going to carry out, indicating that if he wanted to rescue Shangó he should place the ebbo at the door of the house of Oyá where death lurked, but not before warning him of the dangers he ran in the face of such a risky event.

Shango and Oshún in love

Without hesitation, Oshún left to meet death and in an oversight of it, he placed the ebbó at his feet, this consisted of a series of drinks and foods that this entity liked very much and that Ifá assured that it would be a temptation that he could not resist. .

When he saw them he pounced on them and after having drunk and eaten his fill, he fell into a deep sleep.

After this event and very quickly the saint released Shango from captivity, he asked her in gratitude how she could be rewarded for her bravery, to which Oshún replied that he only wanted her love.

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