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Oshún and Yemayá together, where the River meets the Sea: Pataki

Oshún and Yemayá together

Oshun, the most beautiful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon liked to go out for walks in the bush.

During his journey he observed the plants and animals, each flower and each new detail that appeared before his eyes was reason enough to feed his happiness, the pure air of the forest gave him tranquility and allowed him to connect with the protective spirit of nature.

One day during your walks Oggun, the Orisha who owns the work saw her and was struck by her beauty, such was the impact that the goddess caused on him, that Oggún began to pursue her in order to speak with her.

Oshún scared began to run because Oggún for her was a stranger, because he did not relate to anyone.

He lived like a hermit in the thick of the bush, so his manners were rudimentary and his scruffy presence had a negative impact on those who rarely observed him.

At the junction of the river with the sea, the Two Waters meet ...

Oshún and Yemayá together in the waters

In an act of desperation Oshún threw herself to the bottom of a river being carried away by the strong current.

The water was freezing, the goddess felt scared and was very cold, but in her heart there was the tranquility that Oggún had lost his trace.

After a long journey he reached the point where the river empties into the sea where Yemayá the Orisha mother of all humans.

Then she told him what had happened and found comfort in the protective arms of her sister who calmed her and looked for many ways to cheer her up.

Compassionate with what happened, Yemayá welcomed her sister and swore protection to her, gladly gave her the river so that she could live, which was one of her domains and covered her with the jewels that she kept in her treasure chest at the bottom of the sea,

In this way Oshún shone, she felt queen again, her spirit rejoiced and a sweet smile shone on her face.

The sister Orishas that together unite their power ...

It is believed that when Oshún is in trouble he goes to his sister using that old path that once served as a means of escape, then the union of the river with the sea being the precise point for both deities to meet, share advice and seal pacts.

At the mouth of the river in the sea Oshún and Yemayá are stronger because their powers merge.

When a santero is going through some difficulty, he must offer a sacrifice to both saints at this same point and then the sister deities will come together to help him.

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