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The dance of Oshún and Yemayá represents the union of the Two Waters

Oshún and Yemayá

The descent of the Orishas during the drums is perhaps one of the most special moments for the religious, since this is one of the few possibilities that man has of seeing their deities dance up close and if they allow it they can even go as far as to dialogue.

Yemayá and Oshún are the saints who are most frequently attracted to the sound of the Batá drums.

The dance of the two Waters:

Dance of Oshún and Yemayá

The dance of both is very peculiar and refined, when they dance together they represent the union of the two waters, being a true privilege to be able to observe them.

With their mere presence they purify the home of bad energies, bringing with their arrival multiple blessings, these deities can be offered as a sign of respect:

  • fine liquors,
  • honey for Oshún and
  • melao of caña for Yemaya.

Yemayá imitates the waves of the sea with her dance.

Yemaya She is a deity who loves music and dance, her favorite instrument is the drum, although other types of touches can also be officiated.

When the mother of the world is attracted by the drums, she arrives laughing out loud and pirouetting in the air, she turns holding her skirt as if it were the sea in its stormy state.

Sometimes he moves his arms as if touching the foam, others represent the search for treasures, it can also be manifested by rowing, although this form of dance is less common.

Her dance can begin to be smooth and unpredictably break the cadence with great fury, it is at that precise moment when the saint begins to thoroughly enjoy her movements, giving herself completely to the songs and the sound of the Bata.

Oshún's dance is sensual and delicate.

Oshun the deity that owns the honey dances in a delicate and sensual way.

Upon arrival at the bembé, he laughs so that everyone will notice his presence, he rings his handcuffs and begins to weave his braids, then symbolically takes his mirror to see how he looks and gently adjusts his crown.

She takes her skirt and performs very fine movements, other times she hits the pylon as if she were grinding coffee.

He places his hands on his waist and begins to make undulations with his body, for the moment he stops and smiles at the audience.

When Oshún arrives, the honey should be offered to him as soon as possible because with this gesture of courtesy the deity blesses all those present bringing sweetness and happiness.

Knowing more about the Two Waters:

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