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All about Oshun, the most beautiful Goddess of the Yoruba Pantheon

All about Oshún

Oshún the beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba religion, she is the owner of sweet waters, goddess of the Nigerian river which bears her name. Beautiful woman, powerful African, siren of waters of great energy that fertility and love for the world emanates from her womb.

It is the Yoruba deity that represents the sweetness of love, femininity, fertility, and delicacy, in it habita the vitality of the reproductive organs and protects women in labor from all kinds of dangers.

Oshun invites us to immerse ourselves in her energy of sensuality and grace. Its rituals, prayers, stories and attributes reveal to us the power of attraction, prosperity and emotional healing that emanates from its divine being.

Dare to explore the magical universe of Oshun and let yourself be enveloped by its golden light and its unconditional love.

Learn more about Oshún:

This beautiful feminine goddess par excellence has an innate sensualityShe is very spoiled by the other Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, always surrounded by jewels with precious stones and gold, since it is her favorite metal.

The male Orishas lose their way when they see her always wiggling her hips, singing, laughing, softly and gallantly.

Oshun is all splendor, brilliance and power, but she is also the most calamitous, you never know when she is upset, it is believed that kills laughing and is vengeful with injustices.

It's about all things a great mother, her Ashé shares it with her children and she is very good with them, she offers them a lot of love and protection, but at the same time she can be implacable when she gets upset, to such an extent that she punishes while emitting great laughter.

Spoiled sister of Yemayá the goddess of the sea, unconditional friend of Eleggua the owner of the road, woman of Shango the king of kings, daughter of Obbatalá the wise father and at the feet of Constitution only she comes.

In Cuba it is syncretized with the Virgin of Charity of Copper, patroness of Cubans.

Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!Thus we greet her with great respect.

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