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The Biggest Osogbo in Ogunda Ofun: Instability and Clashes

Osogbo Ogunda Ofun

Instability is the biggest osogbo in Ogunda Ofun, In this letter, nothing is consolidated until the religious establishes himself on the plane of the earth, receiving the warrior Orishas, saints who will allow the good opportunities that come into your life to stay forever.

This sign talks about fighting over property

Ogunda Ofun marks a war of power between people who envy each other, you must strengthen yourself to face this arayé (problem):

  • Make ebbó at the foot of Elegguá and
  • rely on Shangó to achieve victory.

This sign speaks about clashes over a property where the family has wanted to sow discord in order to take advantage.

Give your heart to someone who really wants to take care of it

Many of the people around you treat you with hypocrisy and the day you stop bringing them benefits, they will leave you aside.

In your life, remember that you must give your heart to whoever you really want to take care of it and form a home by your side, keep in mind that love and interest will never go hand in hand.

Do not give away your clothes because with these garments they will cast spells on you

Within your social circle there is an individual who imitates you, sometimes he has come to dress just like you, do not trust that person because envy corrodes you from the inside and the only desire he professes for you is evil.

Do not go to give away your clothes because with these garments they can cast spells on you.

Respect your home and make your house a temple

In Ogunda Ofun:

  • The man must care about the woman and she must be reciprocal to her husband so that their marriage is not lost.
  • Do not be unfaithful if you do not want to be paid in the same currency.
  • Respect your home and make your house a temple where you can take refuge from the adversities of life.

In this Ifá, the children of the house must perform ceremonies

Orula says that you have a mark inside your mouth, you should occasionally wear a crucifix and sleep with Orunmila's necklace and ildé so that nightmares are far away from your rest.

Don't sleep with the habitacompletely dark so that it is not disturbed at night by disturbances.

Advice on this Ifa sign for the little ones in the house:

  • Religious ceremonies must be performed for the children of the house for their protection, because in this letter a child can be lost as a victim of an accident.
  • Give him Orula's hand and put an assist to his spirits in the vault.

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