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Osogbo in Oyekun Ika: Disorganized life will attract bad fate

Osogbo Oyekun Ika

Oyekun Ika says that in the workplace where you are tasks cannot be left unfinished.

Orunmila says that in this odun there is a person that you think he has died and is really still alive.

In this letter the person is persecuted by an enemy product to a debt:

  • You cannot remain owing to anyone because you will not find a balance to pay your debt and you will have serious problems for this matter.

As you obtain economic development, you lose it

In this sign the person you must learn to save money because as you get economic development, you lose it and in moments of scarcity the Orishas do not want you to see yourself with one hand in front and the other behind.

Dice the orisha orula that you should not be abusive to those around him.

When pricing your work don't be ambitious so that that door is not closed and you can get a job in that place again.

You must be careful when you are in the sea because you could drown.

Be careful at sea use caution when riding boats or small vessels. When you do it, make sure that it is in good technical condition and that it has a life jacket. 

Do not do business with ambitious people because even if he is well taken with you in the long run for money he will betray you.

Use intelligence so you don't miss out on good opportunities

Don't surround yourself with fake people, be careful with the scares because in a scare you could suffer a heart attack, respect the attractions and extreme sports.

You must always use intelligence so that you do not lose the good opportunities that await you in life.

In a man of good social position his luck will be found, don't despise this person and listen to the proposal you want to make.

Oyekun Ika talks about the agony of death

This sign speaks of the agony of death, a process that some human beings face from suffering and others that their time comes more calmly.

In this odun death is not provoked, suicide is taboo and people are advised to take care of themselves because the bear of a violent death as a result of a disorganized life can reach you.

Do not meet with conflicting people nor with bad vices so that his life is not harmed.

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