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Thanks to Ika Iroso the Babalawos have Osun. Meet the Pataki!

osun babalawos

This avatar recounts the customs of the first Babalawos who lived on earth.

These used to meet with Olofin to discuss their needs, which corresponded to making more efficient the fulfillment of the word of Ifá on earth.

Pataki where Olofin grants Osun's arrival

In one of these meetings the supreme Orisha asked what tasks everyone considered that they should be a priority.

Since he had the knowledge that there were many people who were enemies of the religion who were dedicated to making the work of the Ifá priests more difficult and to procuring curses.

Then a deathly silence invaded the room and the Babalawos began to think about what they needed above the rest.

So they began to raise a lot of requirements, without stopping to really interpret the words that Olofin had spoken.

It was Ika Iroso who asked for a lookout for everyone's protection

Ika Iroso who was silent broke into all the statements of his brothers to ask Olofin what he considered an emergency, which was:

An emissary who would warn them of the phenomena that were coming, in order to be able to be prepared at the precise moment they occurred and thus emerge as unscathed as possible.

Olofin fully agreed with Ika Iroso, showing interest in his proposal, so he inquired as to how he believed the great lookout should be represented.

The Oluo replied that he must be an Osun, so that with his gifts he would be alert to the path of destiny.

The Supreme Orisha nodded and said To Iban Esu, phrase with which he assured the fulfillment of the arrival of Osun.

And from that day all the Ifá priests were consecrated in Osun and represented the deity in his house.

Do you know Osun, the Orisha of stability?

Osun from above watches over the safety of the home, protects the ilé from enemies and sorceries.

This saint is considered one of the greatest foundations in the Yoruba religion, as it represents the stability of the human being, being considered within the Warrior Orishas.

This deity not only warns the religious of the arrival of some danger because he also acts as a direct messenger of Olofin and through this the Orisha sends alerts to his children to warn them and protect them from evil, so that in this way they do not arrive. osogbos to their lives.

Due to his great importance Osun is one of the first saints to be received.

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