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Chronicle 13: Osun, faithful custodian of Rosa María's destiny

Osun custodian of destiny

"If you want a good life, keep your Osun standing, because he is your ancestral spirit."

She had barely turned thirteen years old and already an Awó ni Orunmilá (Yoruba priest) had given the Osun to Rosa María, from there the long road of an extraordinary life would begin.

There are always setbacks in the way of the time that we have to live, but it seemed that good luck and happiness were connected to all of Rosa María, there was no girl more beautiful than her, not only because of her appearance, but also her manners, grace, simplicity and love for everyone, if someone was very loved anywhere, that was Rosa María, wherever she went she left a seed of tenderness sown, and in reciprocity, they blessed her with good thoughts and positive wishes. But since each person has her nemesis, Rosa María's would be as dark as the light that emanates from her.

His name was Francisco, although everyone called him Franky, the same age, he fell in love with her as soon as he saw her and from that moment he swore to himself to love her to death. Perhaps Franky would have been a good man if it hadn't been for the young woman's response: __ "I'm sorry, but I'm never going to love you the way you want."

Those words transformed Francisco's thought and defined the bases of his existence, marked with a single intention: to destroy the life of Rosa María.

In any space where the young woman was, he appeared there, but when he tried toañar in any way to Rosa María, people came to her defense. Despite so many grievances, the girl was never upset or insulted, on the contrary, she always responded with the same message:

__ «It is better to be filled with love than with hate, love fills the soul, hate empties the heart.»__

The years passed and the young woman became a woman, found her true love, got married and had two precious children, and Francisco?, oh, he never left her behind: anonymous calls, recurring letters, malicious messages to his workplace, anything to get the attention of that woman he once loved and now represented his biggest nightmare. The result was still the same: the husband more in love than before, they both read the letters together and died of laughter, as for the anonymous letters at work, they only managed to attract more attention from superiors who decided to give him a better position. Francisco's strategy was not working, he urgently needed another variant and he already knew where to find it.

That day, when she returned from work, Rosa María got ready for her housework, something intuitive made her go to her Osun, the altar was clean and shiny, suddenly, the metal cup with a rooster on top, which is where her Osun lives, she fell without rhyme or reason, immediately her vision clouded over, a strong pain in her chest made her fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

When she woke up she was in a hospital room, her husband and two children around the bed, with a face that clearly reflected the seriousness of the matter, the doctor confirmed her suspicions:

__ «It's the heart, it needs an urgent transplant.»__

The matter was delicate, but she, with that beloved smile, looked at the three of them and asked:

__ Did they put my Osun back on the altar?.. then calm down that everything will be solved. __

The urgency spoke of days, at most a month or the end would be sentenced with a tombstone in her name, but the woman's confidence surpassed any sadness, then the miracle happened.

__ We have a donor… he is compatible… «__

The operation was a success and Rosa María returned home with her family. Her reception in the neighborhood lasted until midnight, everyone went to visit her, everyone except…

__ Did you find out Rosa, what happened to that wretch...?The damn guy was hit by a truck. __

They talked about Francisco, many believed it had been a matter of divine justice, no one regretted it, but Rosa María touched on those thoughts with redemptive words:

__ Every human being has his little bit of a good heart. __

And although no one agreed with that statement, she knew why she said it, she gently touched her chest, felt the beating of her new heart and whispered:

__ Thank you Francisco, your heart is safe. __

«Osun guards and monitors the destiny of the good believer.»

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