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How did Osun stop the war in Ika Iroso? The secret of Palo Moruro

Osun in Ika Iroso

Obatala He was the king of the land of Ika Iroso, illicit businesses existed there, those that operated behind the back of their sovereign.

Eleggua y Oggun Those who were the king's trusted men were those who directed most of the smuggling, showing themselves to Obatalá reluctant to accept such a situation in the kingdom.

The king, who was already tired of so much corruption and distrusting everyone, decided to look in the town for someone who could with honor help him discover what was happening behind his back.

Pataki where Osun removes the corruption of the reign of Obatala

By then a stranger had come to town called Osun, who was recognized by all for being a very correct and principled man.

Osun proposed to Obatalá that he entrust him with the command of the kingdom since he would be in charge of eradicating the illegalities of Ika Iroso.

In this way, Osun began with the investigation, but first he went to the mountain and looked for a Morugo log that he consecrated to be his staff in the search for traitors.

With the stick Morugo Osun finds the traitors

Elegguá, who was closely following in Osun's footsteps, offered to help him in his search, so they both entered the forest.

When they arrived they saw a group of men carrying weapons, Eshú ran towards them, ahead of Osun, frightening his henchmen.

By the time the new king arrived, everyone had left the place and only traces of the contraband remained on the ground.

On another occasion Osun entered the mountain on his own and surprised Elegguá and Oggún in the smuggling of weapons, when confronting them they all fled, but by then the new king had already discovered the betrayal.

He collected all the weapons and was able to deduce then that Obatala's subjects were planning a war against him.

King Obatala honors and rewards Osun's work

When Eshú and Oggún were discovered, they went to talk to Osun so that he would not betray them, he agreed to keep their secret in exchange for them to dissolve the contraband and stop all the war plans.

Some time later, the smuggling disappeared and the town began to prosper. Obatalá regained the crown of the kingdom and offered Osun to help him rule.

The latter told him that by having his respect and affection he considered himself well served.

Then Obatalá decreed that in honor of Osun's work, an offering should be made to him every year in the Moruro tree, which from that day on would be sacred to the Yorubas.

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