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Osun: The crowing of the rooster that awakens the Iré What you did not know about the Orisha!

osun rooster

Osun he is Olofin's favorite envoy. It is a deity of the Yoruba Pantheon destined to ensure the stability and security of man.

It is related to the ancestral energy that serves as a guiding beacon illuminating the path of humanity.

It is given to the believers by the Oluwo or Priest of Ifá. He lives in a high and quiet place in the house, some Babalawos indicate to place him next to orunmila, because this foresees it of any setback through the crowing of the rooster.

The same song that announces to humanity that a new day has arrived and that the sun returns to the sky to warm the world, the crowing of the rooster brings blessings for men.

Important facts about this deity that you should know

If this Orisha falls naturally, it indicates a tragedy or could predict that the days are numbered because death is approaching.

This saint only lies down when its owner passes away to guide his steps towards eternal rest.

  • It is identified with the number 8 and its multiples.
  • This saint is represented with the color white, although it is also identified with other colors as it represents the paintings used for the ceremonies of the saint's room.

Osun, andl Orisha lookout of the Rule of Osha Ifá

Osun together with Eleggúa, Oshosi and Oggún make up the Warriors, This group of Orishas work to free man from curses and misfortunes.

They are one of the first deities to be received when initiating the Yoruba religion.

Syncretism Catholic in Santeria

It is represented in the Catholic Religion under the name of Saint John the Baptist. Its saints are celebrated every year on June 24.

Characteristics about the Holy Guardian Osuna:

  • Osun is an Orisha who is not crowned in Osha, in his place sits Obatala deity with whom he is closely related.
  • This Orisha represents the line of life and the action of aging.  
  • Your receptacle It is a metal cup with a rooster on the top.
  • It refreshes you with cocoa butter, sprinkle cascarilla to give you peace of mind, you can also blow brandy or rum.
  • They sacrifice in his honor doves.
  • Her herbs ceremonial are the Almond, the Cotton, the Sapote and the River Linen among others.
  • Their children They are humble and respectful, they are characterized by having a good character and always being serene. 

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