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In Odun Ika Iroso, Ifá Prohibits the ingestion of Alcoholic Beverages

Osun Ika Iroso

The pataki relates that Osun the Orisha lookout He reigned in a land called Ika Iroso, this despite being a good man allowed himself to be lost by the vice of drinking.

Bad habit that on many occasions made him suffer the consequences of alcoholism in public, a reality that made him suffer from hot flashes on earth.

Pataki where Osun should give up the vice of drinking

On a certain occasion Constitution Whoever was aware of the situation sent a message to Orunmila, the great oracle of Ifá.

Who transmitted the order to Osun, in which the Orisha said that if he did not give up the vice of drinking and set a good example for his people, he could not continue to be king.

Faced with Olofi's warnings, Osun reflected on his attitude and decided to change for good.

His enemies, who wished him evil, wanted to harm him and began to say that the king continued to drink excessively.

Gossip that was so popular that it grew until it reached Olofin's ears by word of mouth.

Osun's enemies receive punishment for defaming the King's life

The Orisha sent for orula for the fortune teller to organize a hearing to judge his attitude.

When the olúo returned to earth, all of Osun's enemies were lining up to see his head roll, even though he was not in the village at that time.

Osun's opponents, not happy with what was happening, complained to Olofin and told him that the absence of the lookout for the audience was a provocation and a lack of respect for him.

To which the Orisha replied not to despair because there must be an explanation for what happened.

Olofi gives Osun the virtue of being a forecaster of the dangers and osogbos that threaten the religious

As time passed, seeing that Osun did not return to the town, Olofin decided to go look for him on the hill, where the king took refuge.

Upon arrival, he realized that Osun had changed his behavior and that everything they said about him was nothing more than lies.

Back to the kingdom the supreme deity denied the lies of which they accused Osun imposing a punishment on them.

From that day he declared him king again in his land and consequently he was in charge of ensuring the security and stability of each of his subjects, becoming a forecaster of dangers.

In reward for his work on earth, Olofin rewarded him with the virtue of alerting the religious of the osogbos that haunt him, being a great treasure in his life.

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