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Osun ≫ The vigilante de la Ocha and his syncretism with San Juan Bautista

Osun santeria

Osun, the rooster, the orisha that represents life itself. He is the messenger of the Great Creator Olofin, the custodian and vigilant of the Ocha and the one who watches over and prevents from all evil.

Who is Osun in Santeria?

Osun is a major orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, and the Pataki tells that he was also a messenger of the Father Orisha Obatala, until he failed in his duties as a watchman and lost his position. Since then, he has been watching closely so that an error never occurs near him again.

It was Osun who helped the great sage orula to get the powers of divination and is the one that guides the heads of the believers.

It is an Osha from the Orisha Oddé group, commonly called The Warriors Together with Elegguá, Oggún and Oshosi, the owners of the mountain, the first that any initiate in the Yoruba Religion must receive to begin their life in the santera practice.

The Orisha Osun represented by a rooster, is composed of 5 parts:

  • the rooster that represents vitality, strength and health before life
  • the plate, the sustenance on earth
  • the cup that represents the 4 cardinal points
  • the rod, are the legs, the firmness
  • the base is the world.

Osun always fulfills his role as custodian and spiritual guide of the believers. He is the one who warns against bad decisions and therefore is considered a watchman, guardian and protector.

It represents the verticality of the human being on the earth and therefore its foundation should never lie down or lie down. If it falls, it is a bad omen and can warn of a near death and if the one who owns it dies, Osun must go with him.

It is an Orisha that the Awó ni Orunmila consecrate and before them rests the power to deliver it. Its power symbolizes the ancestral spirit that relates to the individual genealogically and supports them in their life and their decisions.

Osun syncretism

As part of the transculturation process associated with the slave trade in colonial times and as a result of the danger that Africans brought to Cuba would lose their religion and faith, each Orisha of the Yoruba religion adopted the name of a Catholic saint.

That is why Osun syncretizes with the Catholic saint considered the guide and advisor of humanity: Saint John the Baptist.

Saint John the Baptist, prince of the Christian saints

If there is a saint recognized in various religions and venerated worldwide, that is Saint John the Baptist, prince of Christian saints and the only saint whose birth and not death are celebrated.

Saint John the Baptist, a Jewish preacher, is considered a prophet by three religions: Christianity, Islam and the Bahá'í Faith, so in different cults he is professed devotion and prayed in multiple languages ​​in many countries.

Mandeism considers him the Messiah and the celebration of the Summer Solstice, on June 24, is dedicated to him, not only as a Catholic rite, but even as vestiges of the ancient beliefs of humanity.  

John's birth indicates that he was the son of Zacharias, a Jewish priest who was married to Saint Elizabeth. They had both reached old age and had no children, because she was sterile.

But one day an angel appeared at the foot of the altar and said:

“Do not be afraid, Zacarías; Well, I come to tell you that you will see the Messiah, and that your wife is going to have a son, who will be his forerunner, whom you will name John. He will not drink wine or anything that can intoxicate and from his mother's womb he will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and he will convert many to God ”.

The same angel, today recognized as the Archangel Gabriel, appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary, informing her that she was going to be the Mother of the Son of God, and also gave her the news of the pregnancy of her cousin Elizabeth.

Thus, both remained together and the Virgin lived in her cousin's house for approximately three months, until Saint John the Baptist was born.

Work and miracles of Saint John the Baptist

It is said that, since childhood, John was only concerned with preaching the word of the Kingdom of God. Thus when he was about thirty years old, he went to the bank of the Jordan, led by the Holy Spirit, to preach a baptism of penance.

There he learned about the existence of Jesus and preached religious faith, helping the settlers to believe and be baptized and sowing among them the ideas of love of neighbor.

After knowing the miracle of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, John said:

“I have seen the Spirit in the form of a dove descend from heaven and settle on Him. I did not know Him, but the one who sent me to baptize with water said to me: He on whom you see that the Holy Spirit descends and rests on Him, that one He is the one who is to baptize with the Holy Spirit. I have seen him, and that is why I bear witness that he is the Son of God ”.

Death of the saint

The story goes that it was Herod, who sent people to the Jordan to arrest John. But still a prisoner, the holy man continued to preach the word of God and thousands of his disciples came out to support him and relate his miracles.

Finally, Herod had Saint John beheaded. His remains were venerated in the city of Samaría until the XNUMXth century, when Julian the Apostate caused them to be disseminated.

But the Catholic Church always celebrates the birth of Saint John the Baptist on June 24, with numerous displays of faith throughout the world.

The same day that the Orisha Osun and the saint are celebrated in Cuba in a single faith, as a sign of syncretism.

The Night of San Juan, the portal that unites the worlds

Currently, a celebration that includes rites of multiple beliefs and religions is dedicated to San Juan Bautista, the so-called Night of San Juan.

This celebration indicates that the ties that separate the spiritual and mortal worlds are blurred for one night. For that time limit, spells are broken and mythological beings are released to wander the earth.

For this reason, the night and dawn of June 24 were dedicated to San Juan in an effort to Christianize the many forces that are manifested in this magical day, which, as we explained, respond to ancient cults resulting from numerous beliefs.

The Sun and Saint John are the symbols of those who fight in order to end the various evils that harm humans.

Prayers to San Juan Batista

To Saint John the Baptist We pray to him for his protection against the evils that plague the world. Above all, we ask him for help when we find ourselves in difficult and desperate situations, to answer our urgent requests, to open paths, to ask a favor and ask for what is needed.

Therefore, when we believe that the danger is around, we offer the following prayer to Saint John the Baptist for 5 days in a row.

Prayer to Saint John the Baptist for protection

Glorious Saint John the Baptist, for the ardent love that you had for the Child Jesus and for the most holy affability and sweetness that he instilled in your heart with his compliments; for those great privileges that he granted you to perform so many miracles on behalf of your devotees, I beg you to favor me in all my needs and problems with your effective and miraculous patronage.

In particular, holy forerunner of the Lord, I beg you to grant me the grace that I humbly and fervently ask of you in this prayer: (ask for protection).

Oh glorious Saint John the Baptist! have pity on this heartbroken soul, who placed his hopes in you; deliver her, I beg you, from her miseries. Holy forerunner of Jesus Christ, almighty prince of heaven, grant me the grace I request of you, as well as your blessed protection. 

O saint of miracles, relieve the anguish of my heart, and make me live here on earth as a true lover of the Lord to be able to enjoy Him in Glory. 


Prayer to Saint John the Baptist to open the roads and ask for what is needed

And if we find ourselves in a desperate situation, we pray as follows to Saint John the Baptist, asking for his response to urgent requests:

Blessed Saint John the Baptist, who were chosen to announce to men

the coming of the kingdom of Christ,

guide our steps on the paths of justice and peace,

and obtain his mercy and forgiveness from the Lord.

Most glorious Saint John the Baptist,

forerunner of my Lord Jesus Christ,

beautiful star of the best sun,

trumpet of Heaven,

voice of the eternal verb,

Obtain your benevolence and blessing from the Lord.

You who are the greatest of the saints

and ensign to the King of Glory,

that you are more a child of grace than nature,

and for all the reasons

mighty prince in Heaven,

get your mercy and protection from the Lord.

Glorious Saint John the Baptist,

today in my despair I beg you

help me in these hard times,

I need your valuable help

to solve my sorrows and miseries,

mediate before the Lord to grant me:

(say what needs to be achieved)

I ask you invincible martyr not to ignore my sorrows

and for the privileges with which God enriched you

get my order granted as soon as possible

if it is convenient for my salvation;

and if not, a perfect resignation,

with abundant grace,

that, becoming a friend of God,

assure me the eternal happiness of Glory.


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