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The Rooster represents the Orisha guardian Osun: Its Meaning

Osun and the rooster

The rooster is the watchman of the day, symbol of clarity and superiority.

Over the years, the rooster has become a symbolic animal in many cultures. We can highlight that it is one of the animals of the Chinese horoscope, in which it reflects people who believe in themselves, very confident and sincere, but with an excess of pride.

However, this animal also represents courage, valor, struggle and intelligence.

It is said that in American cultures, the rooster is representative of confidence, directness and security. They also indicate the intense and enthusiastic nature linked to wit and brilliant mind.

They are held as protective animals and good luck charms. Rooster images help to achieve goals and attract good opportunities.

Being symbols of vigilance and caution, they can increase physical and spiritual energies.

The rooster is the Yoruba representation of the Orisha. Osun

Osun in the Yoruba Pantheon symbolizes the rooster, the custodian and watchman, always alert, protector and adviser.

Osun is a very powerful orisha in our lives and his task is to watch over the world and announce what is coming his way. He is the messenger of Obatalá and Olofi and assistant of Orula. It represents life itself.

His deity symbolizes the ancestors of an individual and in that way, he is the advisor to all devotees.

In the figure of that animal, the Orisha belonging to the group of Los Guerreros, acts as Olofi's messenger, and acts as devotees watchman of the Yoruba religion. For this reason, in Santeria, when warriors are received, they will also be given a small metal rooster that must be held high to protect our heads and our lives.

How does Osun through the Rooster give us blessings?

The rooster represents vigilance, observes, watches and sing at any time by order of Olofin.

  • The rooster is a symbol of bravery and courage, qualities associated with Osun in his role as watchman and protector of the heads.
  • It is a vigilant animal, attentive to its surroundings and alert to any danger, just like Osun who watches over the safety and well-being of religious practitioners.
  • Osun is considered an orisha of wisdom and knowledge, and the rooster is a symbol of perception and mental acuity.
  • The rooster is associated with dawn, when Osun manifests with great force, bringing renewal and new beginnings.
  • Osun is considered the divine messenger, and the rooster, as his spiritual representation, transmits the desires and requests of the practitioners to the superior gods.
  • A bird associated with renewal and regeneration, representing Osun's ability to bring positive change and overcome obstacles.

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