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Do you know what the Representative Otans of the Greater Orishas are like?

Otanes santeria

The otanes (stones) They are the direct material representation of the Orishas, ​​these stones are impregnated with the spirituality of the deities through certain consecrations that are carried out secretly inside the saint's room.

The otanes of the Orishas in Santeria and their characteristics:

Each deity has certain specificities for its otanes, these are usually related to the virtues and domains that identify them, thus differentiating the saints from each other.

Elegguá: Orisha owner of the twenty-one paths.

Eleguá stones

Eleggua has a single Otá, this is characterized by being of a smooth consistency and generally dark in color.

It is said that the stone corresponding to this deity is found on the paths because this is the Orisha who is the owner of the twenty-one paths.

Oggún, ruling deity of iron and work instruments.

Inside the receptacle of OggunAmong all its elements cast with iron, the metal of which this saint is ruler, we can see his ceremonial stone, unique in number and power.

This regularly is uniform in appearance and black in color, it is an essential requirement that said Otá comes from the mountain.

Obatalá, holy protector of all heads.

Obatalá stones

The stones of Obatala They are characterized by meeting requirements to a certain point peculiar, it is said that these must be almost white or of a very light tone, since they will represent the white Orisha in body, a deity that is identified with this tone.

The stones attributed to Obatala They are of calcareous origin, which can be seen to come from mountainous formations.

The Orisha Yemayá is represented with seven othans born in the sea.

Yemayá stones

Yemayá the mother of the world It is an Orisha who is represented by seven otanes from the depths of the sea.

These can be combined between porous and smooth, it is common to see them dark in color, although this fact may vary.

Oshún the African Venus is identified with five smooth stones.

Oshún stones

Oshún is the holy owner of the honey of beesThis is identified in the Osha because it requires five smooth and uniform stones, which generally come from the river, the place where said deity establishes his domains.

The otanes corresponding to the most beautiful Orisha have been popularly called under the nickname of chinas pelonas.

Yansa, the ruler of the winds, has nine othans.

Oyá yansa is the African goddess regent of the winds, this establishes dominion over the army of the Eggunes.

This saint is represented by nine smooth and regular stones, which have as a distinctive feature the presence of brown or purple veins on their surface, these are composed of a certain percent of marble or clay.

Shango, the Orisha who owns the Batá drums.

Shango stones

Inside the tray of the holy owner of music Shango, habitan their six black natos, they meet the requirement of being uniformly smooth and symmetrical to each other.

The lightning stone also belongs to this Orisha, a ritual element that she uses in the development of her sorceries.

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