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The Children of Orula eat neither octopus nor crab: Pataki by Otura Meyi

Otura Meyi sons of Orula

This pataki takes place at a time when unbelievers were carrying out a bloody hunt on religious practitioners.

Well, they considered that:

Faith was unnecessary when there were other priority tasks to focus on, rather than wasting time worshiping pagan gods.

The path where Orunmila's children respect the octopus and the crab

orunmila he was the main target in this hunt.

As the days passed, fewer opportunities appeared to sneak out of the enraged troop, seeing himself cornered by so much pressure, he escaped from his town carrying his Ifá hidden in a sash that he secretly placed on his waist.

The protesters who had become aware of Orunmila's departure began to persecute him, because as long as he remained alive, the practices of the Yoruba faith would continue in force on earth.

Orula, knowing that he was being persecuted by the tribe of unbelievers, placed his Ifá hidden in a cave of crabs.

With the hope of thus safeguarding the religious secret that their practices possessed, ensuring that it did not fall into the wrong hands.

The divining Orisha continued the path running as each time the enemy was seen closer.

Upon reaching a ravine bañaby the sea and finding himself with no other alternative, he threw himself into the water.

The great fortune teller of Ifá was saved by the octopus and Orula made him a promise

When he was embraced by the waves, he lost consciousness and an octopus that watched the entire show spilled its ink on the silhouette of the oracle's body.

Protecting with this act the great diviner of Ifá, thus preventing him from being discovered by disbelievers while he was at sea.

When Orunmila's enemies approached the ravine, they found no signs of the fortune teller either by land or by sea, remaining convinced that he had died trying to save himself.

Suddenly the Orisha regained consciousness and seeing that he had been saved by the octopus, he promised the octopus that:

As long as the world was a world, neither he nor any of his children would eat it.

Before embarking on a new course towards distant lands, Orula went to the crab cave to recover his Ifá and when he reached the site in question he began to pray for the crab to help him and with his claws he handed over his consecrated seeds one by one.

Then the oracle promised to offer the crab the same respect that it would pay the octopus.

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