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3 Avatars of Oyá intertwined by love: «Dumí, De and Bumí»

Oyá roads

Oyá Yansa is one of the most respected deities Within the Yoruba Pantheon, many are the men and women who venerate her greatness and how not to do it, if the saint is the only female deity who commands an army of eggunes.

She is skilled in battle, a good friend, a devoted wife, and an excellent mother.

She protects her children from all evil, it is believed that this Orisha is capable of granting them the great gift of distancing or anticipating their own death, a virtue of great weight on the earthly plane.

Do you know these three powerful paths of Oyá Yansa?

Dumí, De and Bumí are three paths of Oyá that intersect at the same point, an intersection that is related to love for the family and dedication, two great virtues that only Oyá can develop to such a high degree of perfection.

«Oyá Dumi» the Orisha Iyanifá

Oyá Dumi

In this avatar of Oyá pay special attention to teamwork, because in this life the saint was a faithful confidant and sister in the cause of the wars developed by Elegguá and Kawó Silé.

Together with Miraculous Orisha Babalú Aye, Oyá Dumí learned the secrets of Ifá beginning in many of its practices.

Through this path of the saint is born the gift of divination and the ability to predict the future aligning the stars.

Oyá Dumí is a great religious advisor, the motto of this deity is "Better to demonstrate with deeds what is left over with words."

«Oyá Of the saint who influences fertility.

9 colors of Oyá

This is the path of Yansa where she is a warrior and a farmer, this time accompaniedaña to Orisha Oko, a deity who was in charge of teaching her the mysteries hidden in the heart of the earth.

Among its main virtues is hunting, stealthily hiding in the bush to accurately catch its prey.

A Oyá From you are begged to obtain a great favor and overcome difficult times.

Olodumare entrusted this saint with the faculty of influencing the fertility of the earth and the human race, directly influencing the emergence of offspring and the proliferation of dreams and values.

«Oyá Bumi» the deity who controls the wind.

the orisha Oyá

In the avatar where Yansa calls herself Oyá Bumí is where the saint acquired her gifts of mastering the air, powerful element of nature.

With it he creates eddies of wind, carries the osogbos and brings blessings.

When the ebony deity rages, it destroys everything in its path manifesting itself through its tornadoes, for its anger is as great as its beauty.

Along this path, Bumí habita in the wells, a fact that has related it in Cuba with the appearance of various specters that prowl these water sources at night in search of refuge, comfort or simply to scare the unsuspecting wanderer.

other paths of Oyá, the Orisha of the spark:

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