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Oyá Dumí, the Orisha diviner and sorceress who knows the mysteries of Ifá

Oyá Dumi

OyáQueen of the Strong Winds, she is one of the most revered Elder Orishas in the Yoruba pantheon for her immense powers and her close relationship with other deities just as impetuous and powerful as she.

Its forces include storms, strong winds or hurricanes and lightning. It symbolizes the violence of nature and impetuosity.

Oyá has a close relationship with the eggun and spirits, therefore habita at the gate of cemeteries and represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead.

They say that Oyá is the quintessential couple Shango, king of thunder, although both are impetuous and strong. Their love was also a battlefield and resulted in struggles and confrontations.

And it is that both deities have as characteristics, the love for the fight, the power and the impulsiveness, warriors by nature.

Both as a couple, joined their powers creating an invincible bond through which they struck down their enemies.

Oyá Dumí, clairvoyance and magic

Oyá Dumi, is one of the ways of the warrior goddess that is related to the figure of Shango, King of dance, drum and music.

It is because of that Oyá Dumi It is also an extremely powerful way of Oyá. It is said that, to her, the god of thunder Shangó gave her Até de Ella (Ifá board), and passed on wisdom, clairvoyance and great magic for all eternity.

That's why she is a wise sorceress, guess what, and a fearless warrior who defends her children and supports petitions.

Dumi con Elegguá and Babalú Ayé

Oyá Dumí is born in the oddu Obbara Melli and is not only related to Shangó, but also to the one who opens the paths, Eleggua and the Orisha of Disease Babalu Aye, with which he transits, strengthening his magic and discovering all the secrets of existence.

She knows the mysteries of Ifá, it is said that her daughters on earth will have a very good predisposition for Osha Rule (Santeria) and they will be wise and strong devotees.

In this way the ebbó (cleaning) is usually done in the consulting room in order to increase proficiency in the art of divination.

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