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Represents Oyá Yansa in Santeria? Stories, attentions and prayers

Oyá in santeria

Oyá It is one of the deities of the Yoruba religion more popular, due to her temperament and her warrior's drive.

Yanza, as it is known in the Santeria or Rule of Osha, is also related to Catholic deities highly venerated by devotees such as the Virgin of Candelaria and Santa Teresa de Jesús.

This saint is a Marian invocation that is evoked in many parts of the world, especially in Spain.aña, to ask for light and blessings.

Characteristics Oyá Yanza: Tempest and Divine Momentum

  1. Oyá, is the goddess of storms and the strong wind that precedes her.
  2. Female Orisha of intense character who is said to Efuele ti 'da gi l'oke-l'-oke (the wind that sweeps and tears the trees from the top).
  3. He is revered and respected immensely, because he is one of the few orishas that can dominate the Eggunes (spirits of the dead), a faculty that was granted to him by Babalu Aye.

For this reason he possesses powers related to divination and clairvoyance, and with them he grants his children and followers his guidance, so that they always follow the correct path.

  1. It is said that Oyá She is a powerful and impulsive warrior, authoritarian but sensual, with a very strong temperament, dominant and impetuous.
  2. She is the owner of the cemetery gate and always remains in the cemetery with her sisters Obba and Yewá.
  3. Along with other powerful orishas of the Yoruba pantheon such as Elegguá, Orula and Obatalá, he dominates the four winds.
  4. A Oyá also known by the name of Yànsá from Yorùbá Iyámsa (Iyá: mother -Omo: children - Mesá: nine) for being the mother of nine Egguns, according to Yoruba legends.
  5. The goddess of storms and the terrible wind that precedes them is associated with various atmospheric phenomena, such as:
  • The spark,
  • the Rainbow
  • the windstorm,
  • lightning
  • the winds

For that immense power, much is prayed for protection against meteorological phenomena.

  1. Oyá She is the owner of the spark, a feminine, passionate and brave woman, who fiercely protects her children and faithful, but who also demands immense respect from them.

She in return always offers protection, security and guidance so that her devotees achieve all their goals.

  1. It represents the reincarnation of the ancestors due to their relationship with death and the lack of memory and the feeling of regret in the woman, which made her go to live in the cemetery, away from the others.

Yoruba history of Oyá and Babalú Ayé, the power over the Dead

The powers of Oyá and Babalú Ayé, Orisha of Plagues and Diseases, are intertwined in numerous cults, and it is said that both deities are very close.

According to a Yoruba patakí, one day all the orishas were dancing and Babalú Ayé just watched, while he hid behind the door with fear of participating in the party.

  • Oggún saw him and asked his mother Yemayá:
  • Why is my brother hiding?
  • To which she replied that Babalú did not want to show his sores.

Then Oggún went out, took his brother and made him the clothing that makes him characteristic with straws from the coast, so that he would hide his sores.

Babalú Ayé steeled himself and returned to the party and began to dance with the other Orishas, ​​but when they saw him they escaped in terror and left him dancing alone.

The beautiful Oyá Seeing that, he stood next to Babalú Ayé and danced with him, raising a wind, which took away the straw from the coast of the Orisha's clothing and showed him to his brothers with a beautiful face and body.

Then all his brothers got up and went to dance with him. It is said that in gratitude to OyáBabalú Ayé gave him power over the dead.

This is also why many say that she danced with death and defeated it.

Why Oyá is Eggunes mother? History Oyá in Santeria

Legend has it that Oyá he could not have children and went to consult Orula, who told him to make sacrifices.

He also told her that one of the reasons why she did not have children was because she did not respect his food prohibition, which forbade her to eat mutton.

the sacrifice that Oyá It was made up of 18.000 sea snails, many colorful cloths and mutton.

With the meat Orula prepared a remedy for her to eat; and then he should never eat that meat again.

As for the fabrics, they should be given as an offering.

She did so and, some time later, she gave birth to nine children and became known by the name "Iyá omo mésan" or Iyansan, which means "the mother of nine children."

How to attend and ask for the favor of Oyá Yansa?

when attending to Oyá In Santería, taking offerings to the cemetery or placing them on a veneration altar, we must remember that its number is 9 and its multiples, and that its representative colors are:

  • The red wine,
  • brown or brown,
  • all colors except black.

Offerings dedicated to the Orisha of the Markets

They offer food and fruits of ocher colors fundamentally such as:

  • The eggplant and the sweet potato,
  • Indian banana, grapes and coconut
  • face bean buns, white rice with eggplant,
  • corojo butter, cocoa butter, roasted corn.
  • In some ceremonies goat, chickens, guinea fowl and pigeons are immolated.

Tips for invoking the goddess Yanza:

When we decide to pray to him to ask for his favor or to thank him for his blessings, we must remember that he is a deity symbol of pure feelings, so we must never go to her with false intentions.

Oyá he values ​​the sincere love of his devotees and helps those who come to ask for his favor from respect.

In addition, she is an Orisha who is firm and tenacious in her purposes and does not stop when it comes to sacrifices and hard work, so her children must show her equal strength of spirit so that she considers them worthy of her blessings.

She hates lies and whoever wants to cheatañarla, you will know his fury.

Therefore, we must always pray to Oyá Yansa with sincerity.

short prayer for Oyá begging for your help and protection

We can invoke her to listen to us with the following prayer translated from Yoruba:

Oyá you are my mother, that with your Iruke you restore health,

you are the brave Oyá, and I call on you because I need your help,

I offer you nine aubergines, which will be boiled in red wine,

You are my eating store, and you are by my side,

You who are nine days in heaven,

You are the wind of death and the high whirlpool,

Reign in all markets, the spirits belong to you,

She was the owner of the disease, your pretty face, saint of the stripe,

Owner of the winds and who understands everything.

My mother, grant me what I have asked of you,

You who are a woman of great power.

We share beautiful offerings that you can give to Oyá:

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