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Oyá, Obba and Yewá, the dead Goddesses

Oya obba yewa

To the trilogy that they form Oyá, Obba and Yewa, It is known as the Death Goddesses or reckless Warriors, those related to the secrets of death and the treatment of the Eggunes, are those that transfer the souls of people to the end of their earthly existence.

They habitaThey are found in cemeteries and are seen in trilogy, as an immense natural power that can act on spirits and guide them.

Oyá, mother of Eggunes

The goddess of lightning and mistress of storms is the first of the you will die with his sisters Obba and Yewá.

Oyá She exercises a strong power over the Eggunes for being the mother of nine of them. Habita at the gate of cemeteries and does not settle.

She is a warrior and her fury unleashes the strongest storms. But also the winds of Oyá they carry the pollen of different plants from one place to another and the Goddess provides us with the oxygen for the air we breathe, to keep us alive and functioning.

Obbá, goddess of the mountain and cemeteries

Obba is the Orisha of the river that bears her name and form together with Oyá and Yewa, the death trilogy, powerful goddesses of the eggunes.

deity that habita in the cemetery and in the mountains where souls are abandoned. She is the daughter of Obatalá and Yembó, sister of Oyá and Yewa.

His patakí tells that he was a lover of Shango, the God of fire and because of him he cut off an ear. Then she was exiled to live in the mountains in solitude. And finally, he made cemeteries his home.

Yewá, the loneliness among the graves

Yewa o Yegguá in women is purity, chastity, virginity and sterility.

It is the Orisha that represents loneliness, the containment of feelings, the owner of the grave, who habita in solemn worship among the graves and the dead.

Their task is to take the eggun or spirits of the deceased to Oyá and she is the one who dances on their graves.

She is the sister of Oyá and Obbá and companion of Babalú Ayé.

Oyá, Obba and Yewá are warrior and fighter Orishas, ​​protectors of the cemetery, their relationship with death is intrinsic. They are deities of respect and although their cult is related to darkness and death, they are kind, faithful and devoted to love.

Hen/Stag three goddesses of death They represent some of the most important precepts of the Yoruba religion, such as respect for ancestors, spiritual guidance and reincarnation.

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