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Oyá Obinídodo ≫ The righteous warrior owner of the Cemetery gate

Oyá Obinidodo

Oyá is the accompanying goddessañante of the regent orisha obbatala in the Yoruba pantheon, and represents Pure Air. She is a Major Orisha and the goddess of storms and the strong wind that precedes them.

It is wind, lightning, oxygen, darkness, one of the warrior Orishas and the only one that can dominate the Eggunes or spirits of the dead, so it is extremely brave and strong, linked to the powerful spiritual cult and the intense secrets of life and death.

In Cuba, Oyá it is associated with other atmospheric phenomena, such as sparks, windspouts and lightning. 

His cult is extremely important, because of that relationship with natural forces and his association with the dead.

The way of Oyá Obinidodo, implacable and righteous

Oyá Warrior Obinidodo

Oyá Obinidodo is the way of Oyá Yansa who stars in a large number of patakíes, since she is the warrior Orisha, the one who fought in numerous battles accompaniedañagoing to the King of Fire, Shango and distributed justice throughout the lands of the world.

On this way Oyá He was born in the city of Oyo. She is a warrior by birth and has strong values ​​about her courage and honor, which is why many invoke her in cases of injustice or attacks, so that she protects them from the evil that her enemies can launch.

In this avatar of the deity, Oyá Obinidodo He is relentless when it comes to applying order and justice, so they also pray to him and put their lives in his hands, soldiers and warriors who must face the battlefields.

La Oyá queen of the dead

It is one of the most important and recognized paths of Oyá in Cuba, because in it, the goddess is also the one who reigns over the dead and guides their souls to the Orisha of Illness, Babalu Aye, so that they undertake their spiritual transit.

Is this the best known path of the goddess Oyá in the Rule of Ocha (Santeria) and that Oyá Obinídodo lives at the cemetery gate, in fact, she owns the side gate of the cemetery, from there she maintains a close relationship with the secrets of death and with the cult of eggunes.

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