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5 offerings at the foot of Oyá for prosperity and development

Oyá Offerings

La Orisha Oyá She is a Major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, she is also invoked under the name of Yansa by her children, who pray to her for health, stability, prosperity and development.

Offerings for the orisha Oyá yansa

Here are five rituals that are performed at the foot of the Orisha of the winds in order to obtain prosperity and development.

1. Reguiletes to attract good fortune to the ilé (house)

A very effective ritual to attract good fortune to the house consists of placing nine reguiletes in it, it is essential that one of these is located at the door of the home because this with its wind will be in charge of preventing hexes from finding access in the domicile.

When placing them, please Oyá asking him to take away bad things and other osogbos with his Osá and bless the home with good luck and tranquility.

2. Purple mask on the tureen of the saint to discover a deception

Oyá He is a very wise deity, which is why his advice in the Osha is listened to carefully by the religious. She goes to this in order to overcome any obstacle, the same difficulties that are caused by frauds and envious people.

A mask is placed on the Yansa receptacle in order to discover the deceptions to which men are often subjected by this type of person, who receive the punishment of the deity accordingly for their bad actions.

3. Yansa is given 9 chocolate custards

When the religious needs to obtain a benefit from the Orisha, nine chocolate custards are made, which he later offers to the deity by placing them in front of his representation.

In doing so, he lights two candles for her and summons her through his framb pod.oyán, once the request is made, the religious observes the candles and before they finish melting, he turns them off to avoid delays and thus guarantee the correct execution of the work.

4. Why is an Iruke placed on Yansa?

The Iruke is a rod of hair made from the tail of a horse, tied to a bone end of wood or metal, with this weapon Oyá dominates the eggunes.

The religious use it to perform cleansing and spoiling rituals.

The Iruke is able to reverse hexes and cleanse the aura and housing of bad energies. Its end can be chalked with brown or purple beads, the same ones used to make the necklace and the ildé of the saint.

5. Nine Framb Podsoyán, great offering at the foot of Oyá

Framb's sheathoyán is the element used to invoke Oyá.

When the santero is in trouble he collects from a Framboyán nine pods and decorates them with lines of all colors except black, once they are ready they are offered to Yansa as a tribute.

Some practitioners line the pods with colored ribbons and put bells on them, a design that is also well received by the deity.

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