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The Four Warring Currents of Oyá Yansa ► Lady of the spirits

Oyá Their paths

Oyá Yansa the Orisha who wears a nine-color sash she is mother and warrior, mistress of the spirits and guardian of the cemetery gates.

To this are given the pains and sufferings, the revenges that must be charged and the thoughts that sadden the soul.

With its fire it melts the frozen heart of those who have been the victim of betrayal and heartbreak.

There is no spiritual evil that this deity cannot solve.

That is why thousands of religious come to his feet seeking comfort in the face of their afflictions and advice to make good decisions.

Meet Oyá and 4 of his mighty ways:

Day Oyá

Oyá Iya Efo the indomitable Orisha.

this avatar of Oyá makes her the most fearless warrior to ever walk the earth.

Here the beasts are born, Iya Efon stands as the mother of the buffalo and the untamed beasts.

The Orisha muertera embodies anger, insubordination and contempt, acting like stormy winds impossible to control.

Oyá Afefere lady of thoughts.

roses for Oyá

On this path the African deity makes decisions through the beating of the wind.

It governs destiny and its twists in all directions, which is why it is responsible for the surprises that life sometimes reserves for us and through which our existence is transformed.

Oyá affect in turn represents the dimension of thoughts and the explanation of sudden events.

She is a warrior and rides on a white steed. Its virtue becomes explicit before the arrival of crossroads where it is necessary to open the mind in search of understanding and encouragement.

Oyá Yansa Mimú the warrior deity.

Attributes of Oyá

Yansa Mimu She is the warrior who fights hand in hand with Kawó Silé to save the innocent and achieve just causes, she is brave and skilled with weapons.

The pataki relates that he has never lost a war.

His spirit is entrepreneurial, his favorite weapons are:

  • framb's podoyány
  • the double sword and fist of carmelite beads from which nine colored strips hang.

Oyá Obinídodo the justice.

Oyá Obinidodo

Obinidodo frequently visit the battlefield.

It is known in the Osha as the righteous deity, which is why offensive acts that must be avenged are entrusted to it.

Through this avatar he is in charge of guiding the spirits in the pilgrimage of the holy sepulcher of his body at the hands of Babalu Aye, to then ascend to the gates of heaven where they are judged by Olodumare.

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