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I pray to Oyá and Elegguá for a prosperous and healthy 2024

This year 2024 the letter of the year It brings us the blessing of two great orishas, ​​both of whom have been protecting us from all evil. That's why Oyá and Elegguá, we ask you this 2024 for a lot of health, protection along the way, to free us from evils, diseases and enemies, and above all from a confused mind, so that we can make decisions with great clarity.

Why is she so Powerful and Feared? Oyá in the Osha-Ifá Religion?

Oyá She is revered as one of the most powerful and feared Orishas. She is considered the Goddess of wind, change, death and renewal. Its energy is associated with the strength of hurricanes and whirlwinds, as well as the ability to cause abrupt changes in people's lives.

Oyá She is described as a figure of great beauty and strength, often depicted with a machete or whip in her hand to open paths and clear obstacles.

Elegguá: The Guardian Messenger of the 4 corners

On the other hand, Elegguá is one of the most important deities in the Yoruba pantheon. He is known as the messenger of the Orishas, ​​the guardian of the crossroads and paths.

He is considered the owner of the keys that open the paths of life, and is invoked as a protector against obstacles and adversities. Elegguá is revered as an intermediary between human beings and the orishas, ​​and is attributed powers to open and close opportunities in people's lives.

How does the Relationship between Oyá and Elegguá?

The relationship between Oyá and Elegguá manifests itself in several aspects within Yoruba mythology, and a very strong connection is established between both orishas.

  • This union symbolizes the complement of their energies: while Oyá Representing strength and transformative power, Elegguá personifies the opening of paths and the facilitation of the changes necessary for personal and spiritual growth.
  • So much Oyá like Elegguá are invoked in rituals and ceremonies to obtain protection, mental clarity and opening of new paths. Sacrifices and offerings are offered to them as a sign of respect and devotion, and they are asked for help to overcome obstacles and challenges in everyday life.
  • The relationship between Oyá and Eleguá is fundamental in our Yoruba religion, since it represents the interconnection of powerful forces that guide and protect us.
  • This year they have been alerting us of diseases and giving us recommendations so that the paths open and we have luck in our decisions. To them, great orishas, ​​we ask for their help and protection at every step.

Powerful prayer to the orishas Oyá and Elegguá:

In this year 2024, we are honored by the protection and guidance of Oyá and Elegguá, powerful Orishas who illuminate our path with their strength and wisdom. May your divine light surround us, providing us with protection in every step we take and guiding us towards the realization of our dreams.

Before starting, 3 tips that guide my prayers:

  1. First, I light a candle in honor of his divinity, seeking his protection and blessing.
  2. Second, I am looking for a quiet place where I can connect with their energy and receive their messages clearly.
  3. And third, I open my heart and mind to receive His blessings with gratitude and humility.

Oh, Oyá and Elegguá, powerful guardians of my path, hear my prayer! At this moment, I raise my requests with fervor and faith. I implore you, in your infinite goodness, to shower your protection on my health and that of my loved ones. May its vital energy flood us, keeping us healthy and strong in body and spirit.

Likewise, I pray for prosperity in all our undertakings and activities. With your blessing, may our efforts bear abundant fruit, providing us with economic stability and constant growth in all areas of our lives.

And finally, I pray for harmony and happiness in my family. With your loving presence, may peace reign in our homes and may the bond that unites us be strengthened day by day, filling us with joy and love.

Trusting in his infinite mercy and power, I deposit my deepest desires. May your light illuminate our path and guide us towards a year full of blessings and achievements. So be it! Ashe.

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