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Pataki ≫ Oyá Yansa saves Kawó Silé with his sword from Framboyán

Oyá and Shango

In times when great battles were raging on earth for the power of the continents, there was a soldier of incomparable bravery named Kawo Sile.

This man had gained great prestige among the troops for fighting with great skill and courage, the enemy said of his sword, that he had never known a more accurate metal blade in the realization of military tactics.

Oyá in search of Shango

One day after a long battle, Shango, a name by which this warrior was also known, suffered an unfortunate ambush and fell captive into enemy hands.

Upon learning of this event Oyá, who was his wife and also an arduous warrior, enraged with great anger and set out in search of him in order to find him and give him back the freedom he so deserved.

As it passed, it destroyed every object it saw on its horizon, enveloped in flames, it reached a FramboyáTired of the long road she had traveled, she decided to lie down on it.

Without noticing the fire in her body, she ignited the trunk of the tree until it burned completely, the saint found among her ashes a rare species of sheath, which she took as a weapon of self-defense.

Yansa fights with his framb swordoyán

Shangó from his captivity saw a fire in the distance, he was amazed to see that it was Oyá his wife, who was throwing sparks everywhere.

As he approached the camp, he charged with great fury against the enemy army until he exterminated each one of the soldiers who were in his presence with the help of his framb sword.oyán.

Once he positioned himself face to face with Kawó Silé tried to use fire and lightning to melt the iron of the prison that held Shango in captivity, failing in the attempt, since the metal did not yield to the heat to which it was subjected.

The Kawó Silé is released by his wife

It was then that he unsheathed his Framb swordoyány with the help of this she was able to tear down the bars that imprisoned her lover.

From that day on, said sword accompanied her everywhere, becoming her inseparable confidant.

Since then, Yansa has been fitted with a Framb sheath.oyáIn front of her receptacle, with this the Orisha fights pitched battles, heals the sick and breaks osogbos.

This tool is the means that the religious uses to invoke the presence of the saint.

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