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Oyá Yansa Bi Funko, Orisha that intervenes in love problems

Oyá Yansa Bi Funko

Oyá She is the goddess of the wind and the Queen of the Centella. She is a Major Orisha, who favors storms, strong or hurricane winds and rainbows. It symbolizes the violence of nature and impetuosity.

She is always a goddess of a strong character, a powerful sorceress and ruler of natural forces, a warrior and a justice. He dances on the graves, governs the spirits and in the darkness of the night he is blessing.

She lives at the door of the cemeteries and represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead.

It communicates and keeps the spirits of the deceased at bay. He is the one to whom the Creator Olofi entrusts the mission of coming to earth to search for the souls of the dead, a task that he performs together with his death sisters, Obba and Yewa.

Oyá is considered a goddess of strong temperament, which in its fury is capable of unleashing lightning and sparks.

And her ways respond to this character that has never been tamed, to her high qualities as a sorceress and to her impetuousness.

the vigilante Oyá Yansa Bi Funko

Oyá Yansa Bi Funko It is one of the most powerful paths of the goddess of the spark, Oyá, because you always get what you want, no matter how huge it seems.

That is why many pray to her when they believe in impossible causes, because they know that this powerful Oyá it will help them find their way despite being surrounded by darkness.

On this path the Goddess of the Centella always goes in the company of Eggun and Iwin, since he has great power over spirits and through them interacts with the living.

With the help of the egguns, you always get everything you put your mind on.

Yansa before love and relationships

This Oyá says:

"Fire to the man who has left you, fire, fire, fire"

That is why it is said that she is the protector of women when they are in a relationship and exercises her revenge in cases of deception, infidelity and lies.

It is invoked fundamentally when they want to resolve situations related to couples, extramarital relationships, and it is called to act in a positive or negative way. 

We must know that Oyá Yansa Bi Funko She is very strict with her children and it is said that she punishes her enemies with suffocation and terrorizes them from behind, so we must bear in mind that she should not be angered or asked badly.

Your offerings they are made in park fountains where the couple you want to enchant is found, or in the forest where a stream is found.

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