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Oyá Yansa Odo ≫ She who walks in the dark with the Eggunes

Oyá yansa odo

Oyá, the Goddess of Strong Winds lives at the door of the cemeteries and represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead.

It is she, who knows the spiritual secrets and thus keeps the spirits of the deceased or Eggun.

It was to whom Olofi entrusts the mission of coming to earth to search for the souls of the dead.

Yansa, the name given to this deity, is also a strong-tempered warrior, to whom reverential respect must be shown, as she fights her battles, fighting with 2 swords and annihilating enemies with her spark.

Warrior at heart, she loves to defend her own. She knows how to win, and she likes battle. He is firm and tenacious, and does not care about sacrifices and performing human tasks.

She also likes to be creative and is extremely true to her own convictions.

The paths and destinations Oyá Yansa are powerful, in many of them she demonstrates her qualities as a warrior, it is in these paths where the deity takes on different characteristics, the same ones that she uses to defend and fight in favor of men on earth. One of these avatars is Yansa Odo.

Oyá Yansa Odo, the orisha that never shows her face

yansa odo

Yoruba legend tells that Oyá Yansa Odo does not show his face, but instead covers it with a mask given to him by the Orisha of Illness, Babalu Aye and she does not allow anyone to look at her closely, hiding from the world to exercise her powers.

And it is that according to the patakí, she is the older sister of the Orisha Obba, and burned her face trying to save it from a fire. Since then, he never shows his brands and has changed his way of being.

Eggunes' friend and guide: Yansa Odo

They say that before burning his face, Oyá Yansa Odo was a wise and strong warrior and a very good sorceress.

But since she carries wounds that disfigure her, she only works with sorcery for evil. Many are those who invoke it when they consider revenge.

And it is this Oyá She is very powerful, because she is a guide and friend of the eggunes with whom she walks in the dark. They whisper the secrets of her magic to him.

That is why religion establishes that it should not be inside the house, but close to it. In the place that is dedicated to him, his offerings are left, which he shares with the spirits.

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