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Oyá Yansa Oriri, the most skilled and intelligent of the Osha

Oyá Yansa Oriri

Oyá She is an Osha and is closely related to Iku, the Yoruba deity of death and it is she who knows his secrets. It favors storms, strong or hurricane-force winds and lightning flashes and through them represents its own violent and impetuous character.

He lives at the door of the cemeteries and symbolizes the world of the dead. In nature it goes with Centella and together with Elegua the owner of the roads, orunmila the fortune teller and the father Obatala rule the four winds.

It represents the reincarnation of the ancestors and ancestors, the lack of memory and the feeling of regret in the woman.

It is the Orisha of the Niger River, formerly called Oyá, for its 9 tributaries. She is one of the deadly Orishas along with her sisters, the reckless warriors, Obba y Beautiful.

Oyá She has a special power over the eggun and spirits, for being the mother of 9 of them.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Òyá (Oló: owner - Oya: Darkness), also known as Yansá del Yorùbá Iyámsá (Iyá: mother - Omó: children - Mesá: nine).

She is a fighter who loves war and fought alongside Oggun, King of Irons and Shango, Lord of Thunder, in the fieldsañas that these performed.

Oyá Yansa Oriri and his wisdom from the spiritual world

It is said that, on this path, Oyá is the wisest and most intelligent in the Rule of Ocha, because Oyá Yansa Orirí has ​​knowledge of the spiritual world and joins the eggunes to discover all the secrets of life and death. She is a sorceress and a fortune teller.

She was born in Oddu Obbara and is the warrior wife of Shangó. Oyá Yansa Oriri is very jealous and will do anything to please him.

In several patakies Oyá She is the main figure that appears next to the Thunder King, fighting as a faithful warrior against enemies and defeating them with audacity, wisdom and strength.

It is also Oyá, the one that locks up Shangó for love, so that no one can separate him from her, because she is extremely possessive in her affections.

Orirí worship in the cemetery

Oyá Yansa Oriri She is the guide of eggunes and for this reason she lives in the cemetery and there her children bring her the offerings that she takes and is grateful for, with the promise of supporting them to overcome the obstacles present on the path of life. They also bury their petitions there.

It is said that the children of Oyá Oriri are great figures in the business world for the help that this wise Orisha gives them.

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