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How is it Oyá Yansa? Orisha who has only one word

Oyá yansa orisha

Oyá Yansa is the divinity of the sunsets, she is one of the fundamental Orishas within the Yoruba Pantheon, is represented through the fusions of the nine colors and the winds.

Characteristics that define Oyá in the Yoruba Religion:

  • It is associated with the number nine.

In nature they are attributed:

  • The storms,
  • The hurricanes,
  • the swirls,
  • the spark and
  • all those atmospheric phenomena that arise unexpectedly.

Yansa, name with which is also identified to Oyá, expresses its fury and anger, destroying everything with its winds, winds that are called bear, with this bear Oyá It not only devastates, it also takes away all the bad things that affect its children and brings many blessings for them wrapped in its gust of winds.

Qualities that characterize her in the Osha:

Oyá She is a wise woman, this saint has only one word and when she pronounces sentence it is better that everyone assumes the consequences of their actions.

This Orisha is the owner of the cemetery and its doors, she is related to the spirits, because being the only Orisha warrior woman, she commands an army of Eggunes.

She is the sister of Obba and Yewa and works together with them and with the deceased.

Religious attributes that represent Oyá:

Some of its attributes in the Osha Rule are:

  • sparkles,
  • curved sword,
  • the arrows,
  • the snake,
  • the ax,
  • the iruke,
  • wowaña,
  • peak.

These instruments are represented on his crown, which he uses every time he goes to the battlefield to fight. This saint is a great warrior.

Syncretism in the Afro-Cuban religion:

Within the Catholic religion Oyá syncretizes with:

  • Saint Therese of Jesus and
  • The Virgin of Candelaria.

Elements with which the Orisha is related:

Oyá has a close relationship with the Orisha Elegguá, some bibliographies mention that this is his son and that is why he has so much affinity with him, the truth is that they are inseparable Orishas.

Es Oyá Yansa the orisha that governs the relationship between the earth and the moon and between the earth and the sun, and watches over the balance of the earth.

This saint does not recognize rich or poor, because for her all her children are equal and she does not differentiate between them.

With it, funeral ceremonies and the tradition of honoring the dead were born.

In the Osha Rule its main herbs are:

  • Cuban plantain,
  • the framboyán,
  • the higuereta,
  • the yagruma,
  • the star apple,
  • parsley,
  • garlic,
  • cilantro,
  • star apple,
  • hallway,
  • curujey,
  • purple basil and
  • the curujey.

These herbs are used in the creation of the omieros that are made for their own birth, consecration of necklaces, attributes, home cleaning and purification baths.

We share more about the power of beautiful Oyá Yansa:

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