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do you know Oyá Yansa? The owner of the air we breathe in this life


The Virgin of Candelaria, Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús or Santa Teresa de Ávila, patron saint of writers, first female doctor of the Catholic Church and founder of the Barefoot Carmelites, has her feast day on October 15, she is syncretized in the Yoruba religion as Oyá Yansa, who is the secretary of Constitution.

Who is the Orisha Oyá?

Oyá She is the lady of the spark, the owner of the winds, the whirlpools, the rainbow and the spirits.

Without it nothing is possible because without air the human being could not live, it is present in the voice, in the breath, in the sounds, in the breath, in the pollen and in the leaves that travel through the winds.

  • His number par excellence is nineTherefore, every offering that is placed must be represented in this same number.

It is a deity directly related to death, his house is located at the door of the cemetery, so it is common to find offerings and spells in it.

Characteristics of Yansa, deity of darkness in the Yoruba Pantheon

Represents funeral rites, gloomy feelings, the spiritual field, reincarnation.

This saint comes to the sound of the framb podoyán, wearing a combination of all colors except black.

  • His weekday is Friday, day designated to pay for sins.

He is a lover of war, the mocha being his favorite combat weapon, its name in Yoruba means darkness.

She is a stormy orisha, mistress of hurricanes, with her wind called osa she brings prosperity to her devotees and drives away misfortune.

Attributes and offerings of Oyá Yansa What does this orisha like?

offerings to Oyá with eggplant

Oyá is considered an agricultural saint because with it he carries all the necessary tools to till the land and make it prosper, in addition to an iruke (horse's tail) and nine copper bracelets.

He is offered colored fruits such as:

  • The star apple,
  • the grenade,
  • Grapes,
  • cocoa and
  • the coconut.

Also vegetables like aubergine.

Like candles white, carmelite or wine red color and varied flowers, being her favorite the lily.

In their altars it is common to find nine Caimito, Yagruma or Croto leaves that represent the truth and the imposture found in the entrances.añas of the human being, the beginning and the end, life and death and the good and the bad.

Oyá He likes the tambourine, the reguiletes and the dance, when he dances he does it quickly, making circles to the beat of the drums.

He instills in his children the importance of fidelity and perseverance to achieve dreams because he believes that if you fight to achieve them, they become possible.

Among its virtues, culinary art, conjugal dedication and care of the offspring stand out.

Other powerful offerings to the goddess Oyá:

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