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4 Warnings, taboos and advice of the Oyekun Irete sign

Oyekun Irete is born

In Oyekun Irete the infiltration of Arun in the human body is born

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Irete It is where the infiltration of Arun in the human body or the arrival of the disease in the body is born.

  • Arun in Yoruba it means disease.

The religious in this letter must go to the doctor in time to be able to do everything possible to restore his sanity.

You should not self-medicate or store drugs in unlabeled bottles, because in this sign the disease is also manifested by a man's error.

1. The religious must make ebbó at the foot of Elegguá to ward off the osogbos

Oyekun Irete states that the religious must make ebo frequently and try to clean themselves, even once a week at the foot of Elegguá to keep away:

  • the osogbos,
  • the illness,
  • the tragedy and
  • the envy of his life.

Ozun and Babalú Aye are two holy bastions in the life of the person ruled under this Ifá, saints to whom you owe obedience and respect.

In this odun works are done to Eshu in the four corners.

2. Orumila warns him to be careful with people who enter his house

You must make ebbo so that good luck will never be lacking at the foot of the Orisha Oggun, in this odun was born to make the owner of the iron a bonfire.

Orumila warns him:

  • Be careful with the people you allow to enter your house, because deep down you don't even know what they carry inside and although they are mostly friendly, they don't always have good intentions.

3. It is taboo to abuse power, you have respect for those around you

The diseases of the osteomyoarticular system are born in Oyekun Irete:

  • blood ailments and
  • impotence in man.

In this letter a necklace of San Lázaro is used complemented with an inshe of Ozain.

Remember that in Oyekun Irete it is taboo to abuse power, you must always address those around you with respect so that these people will reciprocate.

In this odun, self-sufficiency and arrogance are punished by the Orishas.

4. To keep your path fresh, tend to your Eggunes

Keep your path fresh by attending to the eggunes (spirits) that manage it.

These spirits will be the ones who guide you on the path of life.

In his house, the spiritual vault and permanent assistance to Eggun cannot be missing.

In this Ifá, the person must have his guiding and protective spirit represented, to whom he must ask for the blessing every day when he gets up.

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