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Oyekun Irete sign: The religious must learn to engañar to the world

Oyekun Irete

Says Ifá in Oyekun Irete that you respect your partner, because in this odun marital breakdown product of infidelity is indicated.

Oyekun Irete is a sign in which the religious lives by lies and must deceiveañar to the world to fulfill its purposes, because if it is totally transparent before humanity, this will wither their plans by envy and jealousy.

In this Ifá discretion is essential, because in this letter the person believes that he is accompaniedañashe gives away friends and is not aware that those who surround her are mostly sneaky enemies.

In Oyekun Irete the cult of Odde was born, Orisha messenger of Obatalá and Olofin

In this sign of Ifá, the cult of Odde was born, the Orisha messenger of Obatalá and Olofin, father of Oshosi, a deity who governs the destiny of sorcerers and hunters.

The religious governed under this odun must receive Odde:

  • This saint protects people from persecution and injustice.
  • Odde is a deity who covers with his mantle people who are trapped in misunderstandings, because this Orisha recognizes innocence as the greatest virtue.

Faith will be the greatest weapon that Oyekun Irete possesses on the earth plane

The religious in Oyekun Irete will have faith as the best weapon, any action that you undertake with faith will be of health, well-being and firmness. 

In this sign the person should not receive religious powers if he does not feel prepared for it.

In this odun it is taboo despise the Orishas.

Orunmila says that your greatest enemies will be people you helped at a certain point in your life and now they will pay you back with treachery.

Orula says that they are preparing a trap for you

Be careful, in this sign Orunmila marks that they are preparing a trap for you to get you out of the way.

War warned, does not kill soldiers:

  • Do not let yourself sink and stay alert to this event,
  • do not sign documents without reviewing them,
  • nor lend the key to your house and
  • do not give free will of your secrets to the world.

Make ebbo at the foot of Elegguá

For the Orisha owner of the paths Eleggua, help him to emerge victorious from all the traps that the enemy intends to prepare for him:

  1. With smoked fish, corn, jutia and sweets one day,
  2. on another occasion with fruits and
  3. so on with various offerings.

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