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In Oyekun Iwori the religious can have everything and then lose it

Oyekun Iwori Ifa

Oyekun Iwori is an Ifá where the luck of the person is variable, because the rich become poor and the poor become rich.

  • One day the religious may have everything and the next day have lost it.

This is a letter in which intelligence must be well used to find prosperity on the way and not destruction.

In this Ifá the person must learn to save money to be able to face the difficult times.

Ifá where the person is very dedicated and offers everything he has

This sign is an Ifá where the person, because he is very dedicated, offers everything he has without thinking about the future.

She gives what she has even to people she knows in advance who will not be grateful to her, and then she suffers disappointments, this being precisely what the Orishas do not want for her life.

3 Advice that the religious should take into account:

  1. Get a shield and do not allow them to take advantage of you anymore,
  2. be aware that you distribute your ashe and the world pays you poorly,
  3. Be with your fellow men as they are with you.   

Ifá the person must be careful when handing over his head

In Oyekun Iwori hair and meat were born, for this Ifá the person must be careful when giving their hair to someone because they could do witchcraft with it.

To the place where you get to get your hair done and there is an argument or you see the person very late, do not give your head away because you will come out of there with all that negative energy and your astrality will be clouded.

Warning to keep in mind:

  • Respect the meat out of refrigeration and do not consume it late at night so that your health is not damaged.

En Oyekun Iwori Orunmila created the family

In this Ifá:

  • The arrangement of the organs in the various parts of the human body was born.
  • They speak day and night, phenomena and events that occur suddenly.

It was in this odun where the fortune teller Orunmila He created the family and saw in it the refuge from adversity, support, commitment and fidelity.

In this sign a united family will never be defeated, under the same roof not all people will be able to think or act the same, but they must live under the same purpose and achieve a harmonious coexistence where respect reigns.

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