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Oyekun Meyi: Odun of phenomena where the religious is a collector

Oyakun Meyi Odun

Oyekun Meyi is a sign of phenomena, where the religious will not be exempt from the clairvoyance of spirits of all kinds, who will come into your life on some occasions to save you, but so will disturbances, sometimes sent and on other occasions attached to your astrality, because you are a person killer and collector, who must live cleaning herself at the foot of her protections to purge all these paintings a little and clear her path.

You cannot leave your house without carrying your receipt.

The appearances of the night predominate in this odun, so the person is recommended not to wander until the wee hours of the morning on the street.

Remember that Oyekun Meyi is an Odun where you should not leave your house without taking your shelter because along the way you will collect energies, disturbances and spirits and then you will feel tormented.

Advice for the religious:

  • Wear your red strip in hand,
  • dress in light colors
  • take your baths with cascarilla, perfume and white flowers and
  • undress in your vault when you arrive from the street.

In Oyekun Meyi civilization and the progress of humanity were born

In this Ifá the paintings were born, the person has skills for crafts.

Because of this odun, the religious cannot find himself unkempt or dirty, because this will slow him down.

In the odun Oyekun Meyi civilization and the progress of humanity were born, rule that you:

  • You can't be against evolution,
  • You have to focus on improving a little more every day, both spiritually and materially.

Humility must be one of his banners and the other flag that he must proudly carry in his life is that of humanity.

You can't help but mention your ancestors when turning on your vault

In this Ifá, the embalming of corpses with natural products is born, ancestral techniques practiced by our ancestors, which is why this is considered the odun of the ancient spirits.

You can't help but mention when you turn on her spiritual vault a candle to all those good beings that were your ancestors, even to the forgotten family spirits that need development.

Oyekun Meyi is an odun of relics where you are drawn to antiques:

  • Have among your belongings a mirror with relief details dedicated to one of the spiritualities that accompany it.añany use it to get ready from time to time.

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