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Odun Oyekun Meyi: one of the oldest within the Osha-Ifá

Oyekun Meyi Osha Ifá

Ifá says that in this letter the man began to feel modesty, so he covered his private parts and began to be more reserved with his affairs. This sign is one of the oldest within the Osha-Ifá, is the surviving letter of calamities and errors, where it is made clear that the existence of the human being revolves around two phenomena, life and death.

Oyekun Meyi was the sign in which Ikú entered the world

This is a feminine odun, where the woman must be jealous with caring for your reproductive systemIt is essential that the religious have respect for women, because all human beings come from one.

In the sign Oyekun Meyi Ikú (death) was introduced into the world, a letter that contains among its mysteries the secret of resurrection. In this odun the person takes care of the funeral rites and the spirits, since among the rituals of the sign are the performance of the ituto (funeral ceremony).

This is a letter that marks greatness on the earth plane

The ARaña Hairy is the syncretization of Oyekun Meyi on earth, when she comes out of her cave and begins to sing awake through her sound to death so that she can fulfill her duties. 

Oyekun Meyi marks greatness on the earth plane, where the person, if he takes the right path, is destined to achieve great things. By this Ifá the person escapes from the disease, of tragedy and death, never being able to be defeated by his enemies.

In this sign, a planting of corn is made to Orisha Oko

Ifá says that this odun is related to agriculture and Orisha Oko, deity which is received for health and prosperity, a prophecy that speaks about what is hidden under the earth and that when it emerges causes uproar among human beings.

2 Rituals for evolution and health with Orisha oko:

Oyekun Meyi in the Osha Ifá is a very powerful sign, Orula advises us to do these two rituals at the foot of the Orisha:

  1. In Oyekun Meyi, Orisha Oko is planted with corn on which the person will wash their face with common water and ask for it. This work is maintained until the sprouted corn dries up.
  2. As it is the sign that owns all the cereals, for prosperity the person is cleaned at the foot of Orisha Oko with a cartridge with miniestras, smoked fish, corn and jutía and later the Orisha is asked the destination of the work.

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