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In Oyekun Nilogbe the dead man's staff is born and you have to do Ebbó

Oyekun Nilogbe Ifá

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Nilogbe is born Eggun's Pagugu or the Dead Man's Staff, a tool that after consecrated is used to call the eggunes (spirits) and that lives next to the tile where the dead man is served.

Due to this, the religious governed under this letter you can not miss this instrument, because one of the great bulwarks of his life will be eggun and with the pagugu he will give him knowledge of each service that he provides, of the vicissitudes that the person goes through and of the consecrations that are carried out under his roof.

This cane after consecrated It can be refreshed with coconut water, brandy, dry wine and cascarilla depending on the current that governs the main eggun to which it belongs.

1. Ifá says that the night was made to rest

The night arose in this odun of Ifá, time of day that the religious must respect in order to avoid suffering a loss or a scare, you should not expose yourself to the serene, when it is imperative to go out you must cover your head with a keel or a hat.

Ifá says in Oyekun Ogbe that the night was made to rest, you you cannot continue working outside of your scheduleGive your body the opportunity to recover from work so that your health is not affected.

2. Oyekun Nilogbe Warns traps on your way

The funeral honors were born in Oyekun Nilogbe, odun where the religious are venerated after death so that their spirit rises and blesses their loved ones on earth.

Ifá says that in this odun Olofin decided that the Ifá priests would make a record on the first day of the year and the awoses changed the letter warning him by means of a whistle, this letter warns the religious of traps on his way, Make ebbo at the foot of Elegguá so that the owner of the roads will always keep one open for him to be victorious.

3. Oak is the sacred wood of Oyekun Nilogbe

In this odun the merchant, the oak and the lettuce speak, Orumila says that you were born to trade.

Euse the oak which is the sacred wood from Oyekun Nilogbe for their religious consecrations, with this wood you can make:

  • His eggun staff.
  • A small cross that is placed at the head of the bed to ward off nightmares and disturbances.

To bring prosperity to your life:

  • Take a bath with lettuce so that you always stay fresh and your astrality clean.

4. In Oyekun Nilogbe heaven and earth did not make ebbó

In this sign, heaven and earth did not ebbó or pay tribute to Ozain, for this reason misery came to the world, so that in your life there is no lack of health, prosperity and peace you should make ebo

Once a year feed the earth so that there are no losses in your family and good fortune always accompanies you, because with this ceremony you are thanking him and giving back to the earth everything that it has given you.

5. You are a person who should be guided by your feelings

This odun speaks of the spirit of a person who lost his life at sea, a place where you should be careful and not bañarse in deep places nor after having ingested alcoholic beverages so that you do not suffer accidents.

check your health, especially blood, as this letter warns of hemolymphopoietic damage.

Work the spiritual field so that your spirits evolve and reach greater spiritual strength, you are a person who You must be guided by your feelings, because these will be the reflection of the advice of their eggunes.

6. In Oyekun Nilogbe the usurpation of the position is born

You were born to be a leader and guide those around you, that is why you are the head of your family and the main pillar of your home, a destiny for which you must be patient and learn to listen to people before judging them.

Avoid whistling inside your home so that you do not drive away the presence of Eshu from your ile (home).

Letter where the usurpation of the position is born, a prophecy that warns him that as long as you live someone will want to take your place and enjoy your achievements.

7. Ifá says that life is the most precious asset that human beings possess

Respect the holes and do not cross over them so that misfortunes or death do not come upon you, do not open holes or have open holes in your house.

Remember that in Oyekun Nilogbe Ifá says that life is the most precious asset that human beings possess, it is taboo to want to get rid of it, go to a health institution if you have this thought so that the specialist can treat you and hold on to your faith, because the bad moments in life are not eternal and although they seem to never end, they will end, there will always be reasons to live for and to keep fighting for.

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