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In Oyekun Obara it is taboo to live as someone else's prisoner

Oyekun Obara taboo

Oyekun Obara is the Ifá where the custom of the master of tying the horse and the ox was born, this is an odun where freedom is the most precious good that exists and when the religious person loses it, he lives in osogbo.

3 Tips of this odun Your freedom is everything!

In Oyekun Obara it is taboo to live as someone else's prisoner, especially those who believe they have rights over you, do not experience toxic love or pathological jealous relationships, because such a person never achieves happiness.

you feel misunderstood and sometimes you want to run into the arms of someone who truly understands you.

1. The religious cannot live in a golden cage.

Remember you can't live without freedom:

  • Don't let anyone come into your life to take away your freedom.
  • Never depend on anyone sentimentally or financially.
  • Look for a job and earn your income through your own efforts, so that in the future no one questions where you spend your money.

Do not lose the own light that you possess, do not let yourself wither in discussions that do not lead to anything, when you do not feel happy with a person, simply get away from him and take another path, so that both can enjoy happiness.

2. Debts payable must be settled as soon as possible

Ifá says that:

They made you a mooring to hold you, attend the foot of Orula so that this conflict is resolved.

Always pay what you owe and your promises, especially those that were acquired with the goddess YemayáUnconditionally respect the Orisha, owner of the world, because as you love her, she will bless you.

If you have children out of wedlock, take care of these so that in the future they do not claim you for your lack of attention, remember that the love of the family is a necessary good.

3. Do not have hanging umbrellas or canes in your ilé

Don't tell anyone your secrets so that their plans can sprout and bear fruit.

You are a very envied person, many of those around you treat you out of interest and with hypocrisy.

In their ile (house) they cannot have umbrellas or hanging canes, put these on the ground so that they do not lack firmness on the ground plane.

The person for whom you have shown concern and interest will return to your life paying you back with thanks.

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