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Odun Oyekun Osa: Ifá where the religious is linked with the Spirits

Oyekun Osa Ifa

Oyekun Osa is an odun of Ifá where the religious is closely linked to the spiritual world.

In this letter the spiritual plasma was born, the imprint left by the Eggunes (spirits) by penetrating the earth plane.

Due to this, the religious must take good care of eggun in his ilé (home) and correctly define his spiritual picture.

This Ifá warns that the spirits are a bulwark of incalculable value in your life.

It was in this Ifá where the feminine path of San Lázaro Bendito called Agoi was born, it is recommended that the person wear sack clothes to do this ebbo action.

You must not have debts, because in this odun they will come to the door of your house to demand the return of what you borrowed.

Orunmila warns you in this sign revolution in your house and stumbles in the street

With this prediction, the great Ifa diviner foresees:

  • The succession of phenomena within your ilé, movements and unplanned events that could cause misunderstandings and conflicts on the street, both at home and outside it.

That is why it is recommended to the person:

  • Have patience,
  • tread carefully,
  • bañalaugh with cascarilla y
  • beg your head

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Perform a spiritual mass and a mass for the church to their faithful departed

You should perform a spiritual mass and a church mass for your faithful departed so that they have greater strength and development.


  • in his habitaThere should be no photos of deceased people in the room, because the spirits will come at night to disturb you, preventing you from falling asleep.

Within your own family there are people who do not wish you well

Keep in mind that in the sign of Ifá Oyekun Osa within your own family there are people who do not wish you well and who yearn for your destruction.

Within his biological family there are conflicts over the collection of an inheritance that will be in dispute until the last moment.

You cannot share a house with these people because you will never find the peace of mind you need to be happy.

Other recommendations for religious:

  • If you want to evolve in life, you must stop making the same mistakes,
  • separate yourself from people who do not consider you and look for new opportunities,
  • don't cling to what you lost and fight for what you will have in the future.

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