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Says Oyekun Tura: Respect the daughters of Oshun, avoid osogbos

Oyekun Tura Oshun

You cannot be the cause of displeasure in your family, because as a result an older woman could be lost.

Always respect the daughters of Oshun, keep your distance from them so that you do not suffer the wrath of Yalorde.

In Oyekun Tura one must live free of sins, because in this sign karma persecutes the person until the end of his days.

Do not do business with the sons and daughters of Oshun because you will lose.

You owe respect and adoration to Oshún, comply with this saint so that she sweetens your life and does not make your path sour, if you are a woman when this Ifá comes out:

  • Make ebbo so that if you are pregnant you can achieve your pregnancy without difficulties and do not suffer complications in childbirth.

Yalorde adores you, if she is not her mother, she is a holy bulwark in her life who will continually make your problems hers.

Three tips for religious in the Odun Oyekun Tura

1. Educate and raise your children under the precepts of good

The education and upbringing of their children must be based on the precepts of good so that in the future they are not lost due to disobedience.

Do not cover their faults before the world, help them not to be perfect because absolute perfection does not exist, but guide them along the path of honest work, humanity, sincerity and selflessness.

Remember that having a good heart is the greatest fortune anyone can wish for.

2. One of the great enemies that you have is your own language.

Your own language is one of the great enemies that you have, do not tell your plans to anyone because people envious of your projects will wither them with comments and bad thoughts.

Be careful, they could even steal your initiative and take ownership of what you invented.

Do not lend money because you will never get it back and as if this were not enough, you will make enemies of your debtors.

3. Oyekun tura teeth should be checked periodically

In the Oyekun tura sign, the religious must check his teeth periodically so that he does not lose them as a result of a caries that is in a very advanced state.

In this odun, the person must be selective when selecting their partner and be careful in intimacy, since ailments caused by sexually transmitted diseases are born, many of them irreversible.

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