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Ozain del Monte: The spirit of the forest and the manigua

Ozain of the mount

Ozai comes from the tribe of the Mandingas. It is the spirit that dwells within the plants embodied in nature in all its great extension, a virtue that was granted by Olofin for what is considered the ruling deity of natural and traditional medicine, which is made from herbs and natural elements. He is the owner of the omiero in the Santería.

He is an oracle Orisha, as he is able to predict the fate of men, protects the human race and forges them for war.

How is the spirit of the herbs represented?

Ozai from the Mount It is represented as a man who has a single eye, a single leg and an arm, literatures collect that he has a single piece of all the organs and double elements of the human body, it is considered the greatest energy of the Yoruba religion.

Its main attribute It is a little guirito which he takes everywhere, through this he communicates with humanity by sending them messages.

It is a saint that is received, because it is not crowned directly. It has several paths or avatars. The Oluos make pacts and consecrations through him.

He is the custodian of the bata drums and the provider of the Ashé de Orunmila.

The santero and the 21 herbs of Ozain

Without this Orisha, the Osha would not exist, since the herbs that he provides are a key element for the consecration ceremonies, in the realization of some saints 16 of these herbs are needed while in other coronations 21 are required among these we find the almond, the malangueta, the buttercup and the cotton.

It is worth mentioning that these plants are highly effective when used for purification baths, they are essential for offal and other magical rituals.

Invocation to the Orisha

This saint is invoked to perform sorceries for good and progress, but also to carry out negative works and exercise dominion over the enemy.

The son of the mountain, the ozainist  

An ozainist name with which the son of this Orisha is designated, does not necessarily have to have Osha crowned, but if he must have vast knowledge of botany, it is essential that he know and differentiate the plants, their properties and their uses. This is in charge of providing the herbs for the saint's room and other rituals.

Religious syncretism    

This deity belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon is syncretized with San Silvestre. His feast is celebrated on December 31, the last day of the year in the Catholic religion, but for Osha believers his day is celebrated on January 17.

Offerings for Ozain from the Mount

Tobacco, roasted corn, fish and smoked jutia are offered, as well as rum and brandy.

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