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How was Ozain del Monte's charcoal spell stopped?

Ozain in Ogbe Otrupon

In Ogbe Otrupon It had become impossible to carry out any religious consecration, because every time the Orishas marked the performance of an omiero the santeros raffled off the visit to the mountain, because once they entered they were surprised by Ozai who prevented them from taking the herbs by bewitching them with a piece of burning coal.

Pataki where Ogbe Tumako appeased Ozain's power

In each appearance Ozain showed himself as he was.

He appeared deformed and marked by multiple scars, wounds that were due to the wars in which he had been involved throughout his entire existence.

one mañaNews arrived at his door that the king had become seriously ill and that there was no cure for his ailment.

A fact that kept him thoughtful, but he did not comment on that topic.

Ogbe Tumako, who had also found out about what happened, volunteered to enter the mountain and take the herbs necessary to perform an omiero to save the king.

When he had them all, Ozain appeared before him, demanding the reason for his entry into the domains and the taking of the plants without his consent.

Thanks to Orula's advice, he was saved from osogbo

The Orisha protector of the mountain took out the burning coal and when he went to curse Ogbe Tumako he began to pronounce a prayer that he had taught orula.

And instantly the burning coal fell into a gourd with omiero that it carried, turning off and thus putting an end to its supernatural properties.

  • Ozain overwhelmed did not understand how he had been defeated by Ogbe Tumako, so this curious asked him where he had gotten the power to destroy his coal.
  • To which the man replied that the power was in Orumila, the great Ifá diviner, who was responsible for all the gifts that had served as a protective shield when penetrating his territory.

From that day on, Ozain and Ifá made a pact through Ogbe Tumako

The Orisha, owner of all the herbs, in homage to the respect he felt for man, gave him the gourd with omiero that contained the piece of charcoal.

Establishing in this way that each time a religious consecration was carried out, they had to throw a lit coal inside the omiero to stop in this way the evil and witchcraft that could be found disturbing the ceremony.

Ozain being represented in the saint's room through the herbs and coal.

Some time later Ozain entered the kingdom, entered the castle and with the help of the religious they were able to save the king.

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